Here is a list of ten shocking films currently on Netflix. Have a look if you dare.


A vicious man (Lee Jung-Jin) works for a loan shark as an enforcer. When customers are unable to pay for their outrageous interest payments the man forces these borrowers to gimp their own bodies to collect insurance money. A woman (Jo Min-Su) then appears in front of the man and gets down on her knees. She tells the man that she is her mother and begs for forgiveness. The vicious man was given up for adoption as soon as he was born. The man quickly dismisses the woman as crazy, but her persistence soon cracks through the man’s hardened outer shell. Can the mother and son find happiness at last?

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
Not very often that I’d watch a movie and have to look away from the screen (you’ll know the scene). A very vicious but brilliantly written & acted drama.

Do approach with caution as some of the scenes are very graphic, takes special kind of viewer to enjoy this.



Three hooded Eastern-European criminals burst into a home in a Madrid gated community, holding the family hostage in its own home, and forcing the father to empty his credit cards.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
If you’re into Home Invasion movies then chances are you like your movies quite disturbing and unsettling,

Kidnapped was a great Home Invasion movie with a simple plot. Guys break into a house and take a family hostage, and so begins a horrible night of torture for the family involved.

The film was clever, well written, very realistic and equally sadistic. It didn’t quite follow the usual path and had a very unexpected ending, which in my opinion separated this film from the rest of the home invasion movies and it sits comfortably on the top of my pile of faves.



When his pregnant fiancée becomes the latest victim of a serial killer, a secret agent blurs the lines between good and evil in his pursuit of revenge.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
I’m sure everyone has seen this by now as it’s got a huge following with an American remake set for 2014/15 (surprise surprise).

Starring Choi-Min-Sik from Oldboy and New World as the perfectly cast serial killer. The man is just fantastic in everything I’ve seen him in, and for someone who is actually a Buddhist, he sure does pick some dark and delicious roles

An American remake is on the cards from You’re Next and The Guest directors Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard




A HIV positive woman’s quest to infect as many men as possible has gruesome consequences after she attracts the attention of a psychotic former Army interrogator and an emotionally fragile young man caring for his ailing mother.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts

A truly unsettling film, but in my eyes it was quite a masterpiece. I was a fan of the director and writer of this movie as his previous film The Living And The Dead shocked me to core. I had no doubt in my mind that this one would’ve done the same…..and it was, only on a completely different level.

The guy who plays the army vet (Noah Taylor) deserves a special mention. The man was just fantastic. He gave a riveting yet very unsettling performance. As did the rest of the cast but Mr. Taylor plays a very convincing psychopath




A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings – a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.


One of my favourite films of last year. It’s great to see Israel start to make their mark in the horror genre. The film itself isn’t the biggest budgeted movie of all time, but there is a solid and very believable storyline, with a great script, great direction and top performances from all members of the cast.



As he helps a young artist with her upcoming exhibition, the owner of a mannequin shop’s deadly, suppressed desires come to the surface.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
I really don’t think the above synopsis is accurate. In fact, that synopsis is shite and misleading….maybe something along these lines?

A guy walks around LA meeting beautiful ladies, violently removes their scalps and uses the scalps as realistic hairpieces on mannequin dolls he keeps in his house like the demented freak he is.

Top performance from Elijah Wood. He plays the creepy serial killer extremely well. The style of filming was very unusual and unique. The camera was attached to Elijah Wood in almost every scene of the film. It gave a unique and nice POV style film which resulted in a brand new way to get under your skin. You become the serial killer for the movie.

You throw in some dirty 80’s themed synthesisers for the soundtrack, and you’ve got one hell of a disturbing and frightening watch.




A bitter and abusive debt collector finds some relief when he meets a high school girl.

Moviehooker’s thought’s
I sat down with my girlfriend to watch this. The film opens with a man beating a woman in the middle of a street (my girlfriend immediately gave me the evil eye). Then out of nowhere the main character shows up and starts beating the guy who was beating the woman. Then when you think the main character is going to help the lady who was getting smacked about –  he kneels down beside her and starts slapping her across the face, saying stuff like “why do you just sit there and take it, you fucking cunt!”. At this point myself and the girlfriend reached an agreement, she would go on the iPad and I would continue watching.

If you’re no stranger to Korean cinema and you’ve watched some of the classics like Mother, Bad Guy, then I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy this one. It’s an uneasy watch and when I say there is a lot of domestic violence in it, then I ain’t kidding – that concept alone makes it very hard to watch. The acting has to be mentioned purely for the leading actor. The man deserved an Oscar for the performance he gave.

It’s an uneasy watch. When I say there is a lot of domestic violence in it, then I ain’t kidding – that alone makes it very hard to watch. The acting has to be mentioned purely for the leading actor. The man deserved an Oscar for the performance he gave.

The story goes in an obvious direction, but it’s how it gets there is uncertain, and that’s what makes this film a masterpiece.



When Syamoto’s teenage daughter is caught stealing, a generous middle-aged man helps to resolve the situation. The man and his wife offer to have Syamoto’s troublesome daughter work at their fish store. Syamoto soon discovers the horrific truth of the seemingly perfect couple.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts
This film is just crazy, full of energy, violence with a nice blend of humour.
Don’t really want to say much more about it without giving away too much of the storyline. Just check it out 😉

Based on a true story



As sadomasochistic yakuza enforcer Kakihara searches for his missing boss he comes across Ichi, a repressed and psychotic killer who may be able to inflict levels of pain that Kakihara has only dreamed of.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts

The film takes violence to a whole new level. To this day the film is still one of the most shocking and disturbing flicks I’ve ever seen. And although I haven’t watched this flick in a long time, some of the scenes are still as fresh in my mind as the first day I saw them.




A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. The one he fancies is not who she appears to be after all.

Moviehooker’s Thoughts

Another great and very unsettling film from the guy who pretty much dominates Japan with the most fucked up movies around. (ICHI The Killer, Visitor Q, Gozu). Quite an old film but again this film will stick with you for years after watching. Another one for people who like their stuff dark, filthy and extremely gruesome.

Shocking films on Netflix

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OFFICIAL PLOT (asian wiki)
Detective Gun-Soo (Lee Sun-Kyun) is involved in a car accident which he attempts to cover up. He then falls into an unexpected situation with the only witness Chang-Min (Cho Jin-Woong) threatening him. Chang-Min hides his true purpose and identity from Gun-Soo.

This looks like it can be another huge hit from South Korea. The description above doesn’t really give you any clues to how he covers up the hit & run accident.

When he accidentally kills this man, he tries to dispose of the body in his recently deceased mothers coffin. I think the coffin is in a funeral parlour and he has to open up the coffin and throw this body on top of his dead mother. Now that sounds a little bit unsettling, doesn’t it?

Obviously the shit hits the fan and things spiral out of control when he receives a phone call from a stranger who claims to have seen him cover up the accident.

So, I’ve absolutely no idea where the film will go, but one thing is for sure, Korea sure does know how to bring us a good fast paced and original thriller.




It’s not very often (actually never) that I’ve  sat down to write about a film from Burma.  The only man I’ve known to be man enough to enter Burma was a certain man called john Rambo, and even he was hesitant. I couple years back I watched an astonishing, yet heartbreaking documentary called “Burma Vj” which I just thought I should mention because it really is something that everyone should see.

“Ice poison” follows two main characters in what looks like a documentary style film. The two characters are poor and struggling to make ends meet, and are left with no other choice but to go into the drug trade and start selling crystal meth. So, we can only imagine how things will turn out. With the style of filming involved I thinks it’s safe to say that it’s gonna be very realistic, dirty, and gritty as hell.



OFFICIAL P,OT (asian wiki)
A love story between a professional hitman and his next target.

OK, I could be doing without the love story side of of things, but I’m pretty sure this is destined for greatness as it’s the new film from “Man from nowhere” director Lee jeong-Beom. The trailer looks great, but I’m sorry man, I just can’t dig the epic asian pop songs that are sometimes played in these trailers. Im sure it’s huge in Korea and everyone loves that type of music. I honestly think that it leaves a really cool trailer dripping with cheese and I’d even go as far as saying that I have my head in my hands every time I hear one. Just as well they make some of the finest films on the the planet, so I can forgive them for their love of pop music.







A rich industrialist is brutally kidnapped. While he physically and mentally degenerates in imprisonment, the kidnappers, police and the board of the company of which he is director negotiate about the ransom of 50 million euro.

When I read the reviews about this, I was expecting it to be more brutal than it was. The film is more of a drama than anything else that focuses on the life of a rich man who is kidnapped. Although not very brutal or graphic, the film is still extremely intense and you know from the get-go that the people who are doing the kidnapping, ain’t fucking about and if the ransom ain’t getting paid, then you’re under no illusion that the hostage will be going back in pieces.

The acting was fantastic and it’s as realistic as you’d want a film to be. This comes highly recommended.

If you’ve made up your mind and you’ll be watching “Rapt” then don’t watch the trailer below. It seems to give a big part of the story away. I watched it knowing it was about a kidnapping and nothing else.



Filipino crime thriller inspired by a real-life scandal in which prison inmates are temporarily released from prison to work as contract killers on behalf of politicians and high-ranking military officials.

I can almost smell the American remake. This film was brilliant. The acting was fantastic. The characters were great, and the thing was based on a true story??

Prisoners are selected to ,carry out assassinations for political officials and then sneaked back into the prison the next day to avoid any sort of suspicion. If that ain’t enough to grab your attention, then I don’t know what is.

I really liked the characters as well. You have like a father/son relationship between the two assassins/inmates, one is young and stereotypically clumsy and the other, a wiser and older man (sort of like the Filipino Leon) who is training as he goes and covering up any mistakes that is left by his young predecessor.

Another fine instalment from the mighty XYZ FILMS


OFFICIAL PLOT (asian wiki)

Sang-Hoon (Yang Ik-June) works as a low-level gangster collecting money for his longtime loan shark friend. Sang-Hoon seethes with rage due to his troubled childhood and abusive father. At any moment, Sang-Hoon can lash out at relatives, friends & strangers with the only way he knows how to solve problems – savage violence.


I sat down with my girlfriend to watch this. The opening scene is a man beating a woman around in the middle of a street (my girlfriend immediately gave me the evil eye) then out of nowhere the main character shows up and starts beating the shit out of the dude who was beating the woman (girlfriend continues to stare at me, knowing this film is gonna be hardcore and she ain’t gonna like it). Then when you think the main character is going to help the lady who getting smacked about, he kneels down beside and start slapping her across the face, saying stuff like “why do you just sit there and take it you fucking cunt!” (At this point me and the girlfriend reached a mutual agreement, that she would go on the iPad and I would continue watching).

If you’re no stranger to Korean cinema and you’ve watched some of the classics like “mother”, “bad guy”, then I’m pretty sure you’d enjoy this one. It’s a pretty uneasy watch and when I say there is a lot of domestic violence in it, then I ain’t kidding. That concept alone makes it very hard to watch. The acting has to be mentioned purely for the leading actor. The man deserved an oscar for the performance he gave.

The story goes in an obvious direction, but how it gets there is uncertain, and that’s what makes this film a masterpiece.




image image1 AMONG THE LIVING (Aux Yeux des Vivant)

Three kids who decide to skip school in order to explore an abandoned amusement park catch site of a woman being dragged through a field by a masked man.


I had almost lost my faith in the horror genre until I stumbled on French filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo & ulien Maury. I wasn’t impressed with the direction modern day horror was taking. It was hard to find something with an 18cert, hard to find any film that would push the boundaries of cinema , disturb you, and give you sleepless nights. These guys and a handful of other filmmakers seemed to be our last hope.

In 2007 a film was released called “inside” (À l’intérieur). The film was one the most disturbing films in recent years, full of blood, mayhem, tension & violence. It had a storyline that sounded horrible (especially if you’re female) when I seen the movie, I was left with my mouth hanging open, gagging for more. I knew right there and then that whoever made this movie needed to be watched, & watched very closely, whoever made this film actually made a horror film for the horror fans.

The second movie they released (livide) took a completely different direction. Livide had an old-school vibe to it. This time focusing on more of a dark & disturbing fantasy film than a horror film but still managed to get under your skin.

“Among the living” will mark their third feature. I have watched as much as I can without trying to spoil anything. It has been described as a horror movie with a “stand by me” feel to it.

The trailer is fantastic and I am very intrigued to see what they’ve done with the movie. Knowing that they’ve released some of the most disturbing  and best horror in recent years, I can’t wait to see a extreme horror based on this story that they’ve got.

2: CANNIBAL (a love story)
Carlos is the most prestigious tailor in Granada, but he’s also a murderer in the shadows. He feels no remorse, no guilt, until Nina appears in his life and love awakens.

I have just watched the trailer for this and that is all. I have read some positive reviews about it but also some negative ones. I didn’t have any subs on the trailer I watched so I don’t even know what they were saying but it still managed to grab my attention.

It’s seems like a very slow driven character orientated film. I wouldn’t think that there is that much violence in the movie but I’m pretty sure that when there is some, then it’s gonna shock us to the core.

Seems brilliantly acted, beautifully shot and I’m looking forward to its release on blu-ray or limited theatrical….if we ever get it here.

Five days in the lives of an exorcist (Eloy Palma) and his granddaughter (Alba), working in the Barcelona area.

I have been waiting for a long time for something to come out of Spain that follows in the footsteps of “[rec]”. I was immediately hooked when i watched the trailer. When I posted the trailer on my Facebook page a while back, some people liked it, and some people just thought it looked ok.

I thought it looked dark and and vicious and if the trailer is anything to go by then we should have one hell of a horror film.

I know the storyline doesn’t sound that original and some people mightn’t even watch it because they’ve seen too much of that sort of thing but I thinks it looks fantastic and I want to see more!!!

I’m a fan of the horror genre as a whole. I don’t mind found footage horror or any other horror for that matter, just as long as it’s done right. Horror should disturb and shock you. And this looks like it will do the job.



Norwegian winter, early 20th century. On the boys home Bastoy, a new inmate leads the boys to a violent uprising against a brutal regime. How far is he willing to go to attain freedom?

I was recommended this film in the comments in one of my previous post’s. It has stayed on my watch-list now for quite some time and I recently got round to watching it.
You really have to be in the right kind of mood to watch this. I loved it and from the official plot you can imagine just what it’s gonna be like. Dark, gritty, tragic and all with some very fine acting from a very believable cast
The film is loosely based on actual events that happened back in 1915. The director and cinematographer done a great job. This isn’t a nice place to be and surrounding area of the boys home is a huge wilderness The actors executed everything perfectly



Mesrine was the foremost criminal, public enemy N°1, the man most wanted in France, guilty of 39 crimes. “In the police or newspaper history, Mesrine broke all records”. The film begins with his escape on May 8, 1978. Mesrine was the only man to escape from La Santé. We relieve the 18 crazy months he spent on the run and his encounter with Sylvia who is swept into his madness.

What is there to say really??, these film(s) have Vincent Cassel and that reason alone should make you want to pick it up and give it a shot. The man is one of the finest actors around today and he gives a powerhouse of a performance no matter what role he is portraying on-screen.
Although like most double features, the film does slip into slowness a few times along the way. No fault in the scripting, directing or the acting. I just thought that one epic feature length film would’ve been better than trying to spread it out over two films. I have been meaning to write about this one, but it’s probably one of the more mainstream world cinema titles which got a huge amount of publicity on its release, so chances are, you’ve all seen it already, but Hopefully some of you haven’t. This still comes highly recommended and is guaranteed to satisfy any action-hound.


A neo-nazi sentenced to community service at a church clashes with the blindly devotional priest.

I watched this film not really knowing what it was about. It has huge ratings and great reviews everywhere I looked.

I was about 5 mins into the film when I realised that it was also a comedy, a comedy with the strangest atmosphere and mood that one could get when watching a film. As the storyline progressed it just got stranger and stranger and I found myself laughing very hard for all the wrong reasons (if that makes any sense).

The story follows a neo nazi named Adam who has just been released from prison and has do a stint in a local church for other offenders before being released back into society. There he meets a gas station robber , a overweight rapist/sex offender and a female alcoholic who are all staying in the same place. The church is one run by a pastor called Ivan, who is superbly played by Mads Mikkelson . Although Ivan is surrounded by these people, he can’t help but see the good in them. But how much can Ivan take before his suppressed anger starts to show.




A short-list of more foreign greats that may have got past you. I hope you enjoy.


In 2005 I watched a film called “Paradise Now”. The story of two best friends who were recruited to carry out a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv. To say the film was good would be an understatement. The film was remarkable and I can easily say it’s in my top movies of all time. So this is a new film from “Paradise Now” director Henry Abu-Assad.

The film deals with the relationship between two people in a war-torn country.



I noticed this movie a few weeks ago when I was checking the Korean box-office. This was number one and was beating huge films such as “Lord Of The Rings”.

I am a huge fan of Korean cinema but I can honestly say that I’ve never watched any sort of courtroom drama. If the reviews are anything to go by , I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this will be one of the finest films of 2014.



Ok, so first things first: Somali pirates have kidnapped and taken hostage more people than Captain Phillips. The first thing I thought when I saw the trailer for this was that it really looked like “Captain Phillips”. I thought that I was looking at a carbon copy. Then I realised that this film was released before. Anyway, I enjoyed Captain Phillips but I was very much aware d I was watching no other than a Hollywood adaptation of actual events. “A Hijacking” has got universal praise and I’m sure if you liked “captain phillips” (which was great) then I’d highly recommend hunting this one out.



A vagrant enters the lives of an arrogant upper-class family, turning their lives into a psychological nightmare in the process.

Ever since I watched the incredible and immensely creepy Spanish thriller “sleep tight” from “[rec]” co-creator Jaume Balagueró, I was left with such a feeling of unease. The story was so simple yet went straight for the jugular whilst still managing to use very Minimal special effects. The film about a man who just crept into your house while you were at work or even in the shower, hid under your bed until you fell asleep and then drugged you, got undressed and spent the night sleeping beside. He was gone by the time you woke up feeling very groggy, completely oblivious and unaware that they were drugged. I loved every second of it and t was a masterpiece in making you cringe and feel uneasy.

So the reason I mention that film and found some sort of comparison was the first still I seen of the movie and although the film has a blend of dark humour, the pic that I seen was very far from funny. The pic showed a couple sleeping soundly in their bed in the comfort of their own home with a bearded naked man on-top of them just staring at them while they slept. The pic sent chills up my spine and I decided there and then that I don’t really wanna know anything else about it , just get the movie and watch it so you’re not knowing what to expect.’ok maybe I sound like a creep now” (actually I know I do ) but as you all know I like my films dark and disturbing and by the looks of this Dutch movie, it will not disappoint. Released in 2013 and has done extremely well in the festival circuit.



I was blown away by the trailer that I seen late last year. I have watched a few Filipino movies in the last while and I’ve been impressed with everything that I’ve seen so far, and don’t think this one will be any different. The film looks dark and brutal and sort of reminded me of “breaking bad”. From what I gathered from the trailer it’s the story of a family man who has no choice but to start selling crystal meth to help support his family, but shit spirals out of control and he is inevitably thrown into the criminal underworld of the Filipino drug  trade.




Eun-A (Kim Sun-A) lost her family at the hands of a serial killer. She is now mentally and physically destroyed. Eun-A then decides to get revenge. She enlists the help of four people marginalized by society including a North Korean defector, ex-gang member and a person heavily in debt. All four persons need organ transplants. Eun-A’s plan is then set in motion.


I started watching Korean cinema a long time ago. the Koreans never fail to produce such a high-caliber of movies with brilliant and engrossing story lines with phenomenal acting and superb direction. I love a great serial killer movie and Korea has produced two of the finest serial killer movies around today ”i saw the devil’ and ‘the chaser’. Both films shocked me to core but kept me glued to my seat and glued to the screen for the entire movie. OK, we’ve had some great american serial killer movies as well and that’s not to go unnoticed but i just loved the pace of both Korean greats and we are all well due another one. I know I have high expectations of this film but I’m pretty sure it will deliver just as well as the rest.

American remake of ”i saw the devil” is underway and its no surprise. There was also talk quite some time ago about Leo DiCaprio taking on the lead role in the american remake of ” the chaser” with his production company Appian set to produce alongside others such as paramount. Out of both remakes mentioned  I would’ve liked to see Leo in the lead for ”the chaser”. The man is one fine actor and would be great doing some dark roles  like ”the chaser”.  It will be interesting to see him as Dr H.H Holmes in the movie adaptation of best-selling novel ”the devil in the white city by Erik Larsen’. The man has been a busy man over the last year with all the roles that he’s done, but as far as I know the film is still going ahead and he’s still attached to play the serial killer.

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A young girl goes missing in the woods. She’s soon found, very much dead and upsettingly devoid of her head, the latest victim in a string of terrible child murders plaguing the town. A disgruntled vigilante cop named Miki (Lior Ashkenazi) is absolutely certain that he knows who is responsible, and that person-of-more-than-interest is Dror (Rotem Keinan), a timid and socially awkward schoolteacher. The cop pays off a pair of thugs to savagely beat the teacher in the hopes of getting a confession out of him, but that plan backfires spectacularly and a viral video of the ultimate example of decidedly un-civic police brutality tears across Israel, costing Miki his job. Now, all bets are off.

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this one yet and I’ve been on the hunt for it now for a couple of months. It’s not very often we get to see an Israeli horror movie that’s been doing so well and also managed to get Quentin Tarantino saying “best film of the year”. This film looks fantastic and from watching the trailer it reminded me of a very dark Scandinavian crime thriller and we all know the caliber of filmmaking those guys produce. I just have to wait patiently now until it comes my way, and there is no doubt that it will be worth waiting for.





As soon as I heard that this was the new movie from Fred Cavaye I was immediately drawn to it. If you’re not sure who Fred Cavaye is, In 2010 he released a low budget, fast paced action thriller called “point blank”. A balls to the wall non-stop diamond of a movie which should be an inspiration to any inspiring filmmaker. It was a simple story but executed perfectly which proved that we don’t need some huge budget or out of this world special effects. I have watched a trailer for this film but can’t find it anywhere now. This is one of my most anticipated titles of 2014.

American remake of “point blank” is in the works with writer brad ingelsby who is also in charge of the American adaptation of the flawless and probably the finest action movie of all time “the raid”.


Looking for a better life in Metro Manila, Oscar Ramirez and his family escape their impoverished lives among the rice fields north of the Philippines. Upon arriving, they fall victim to the manipulative ways of city hucksters. Oscar lands a job in an armored truck company. He befriends his senior officer, Ong, who takes Oscar under his wing.Soon, it was apparent that Ong has been waiting for someone like Oscar for a long time.

An independently shot movie that’s been getting universal praise. I think last year was the first time I’d ever sat down and watched a Filipino movie. The movie was called “the road” and it was an impressive little horror movie with some genuine scares. Since then I try
to keep up to date with releases from the Philippines and loos like we will have some great releases this year. Watch this space folks!!.



Middle-class couple Michel (Laurent Lucas) and Claire (Mathilde Seigner) have a chance meeting with Harry (Sergi López), a high school acquaintance of Michel’s. Starting with that meeting, Harry, traveling with his girlfriend Plum (Sophie Guillemin), becomes obsessed with Michel and Claire and begins to have a profound and damaging effect on the young couple.

it’s very hard to fault the French in filmmaking. They are on top of their game and covering all genres. My favourite horror movie is French (and I’ve seen them all) and my favourite comedy is also french. I have watched a hell of a lot of movies in my time so being able to pick out two all time favorites is saying something.

This is a well crafted and creepy thriller with a nice blend of dark humour. The moment you are introduced to Harry you know something isn’t right with him. He still manages to play the nice guy but at the same time leave you with a constant sense of doubt.
This is a great thriller but wouldn’t be suited to everyone but if you’re into a good Hitchcock psychological type movie then I highly recommend it


Hyeong-do (So Ji-sub) wears a suit and tie like any other rank-and-file white-collar worker… except his profession is hitman. Seemingly a section chief in the sales division of a metal fabrication company that is actually a front for an organization of hit men, Hyeong-do is regarded as one of the best contract killers in the business and is up for promotion soon. One day, he meets a single mother named Su-yeon (Lee Mi-yeon) and instantly falls in love. Feeling guilty about his bloody past, Hyeong-do tries to quit the “manufacturer” to the surprise of his colleagues and his enemies. Seen as a loose end, he is immediately hunted down by his former employers

Just like the French. The Koreans are also on top of their game in filmmaking, and probably more so than anyone else, with American remakes like the fantastic “departed” pulling in A-list actors and making millions at the box office. It isn’t any wonder America is still to this day turning to Korea with their unimaginative little minds for their regurgitation’s.

This film would be for fans of films like “man from nowhere”. It has everything you would want from a Korean thriller. Superb acting with beautifully choreographed fight scenes and action sequences, a huge body count, an original story and a few twists and turns along the way. Granted this isn’t the finest Korean thriller that I’ve seen but in saying that the bar has been set really high with the huge range of superb Korean masterpieces released over the years. Miles better than any big budget Hollywood movie but just not as good as some of Korean greats and some ideas are borrowed from the likes of “a bittersweet life” but don’t let that put you off, this is still one hell of a movie.


When a kidnapping goes wrong, a desperate father risks everything to save his daughter from the men who hold her captive.

After watching an impressive horror movie from the Philippines last year. I was thinking that it’s only a matter of time before they start making their mark. Graceland is a fantastic thriller that took me surprise. The only thing I read about the movie was what was written on imdb (posted above). So I knew that it was about a kidnapping that goes wrong. What I didn’t know was how it went wrong and what has to be don’t to prevent it from getting worse. A certain scene took me by surprise and completely flipped the boat and changed the storyline into a far more tense and impressive little thriller with great performances from all.

Since watching this film I have looked into upcoming releases from the Philippines and there is two films that I’m pretty sure is gonna be fantastic. One is called “KABISERA” and the other is called “METRO MANILLA”. I’ll be writing about both movies in a new upcoming foreign thrillers post in the next few days.


After a prison riot, former-Captain Nascimento, now a high ranking security officer in Rio de Janeiro, is swept into a bloody political dispute that involves government officials and paramilitary groups.

This film is flawless is every way. To say that I was impressed would be a lie. I was fucking blown away by this movie and I knew I would be. The first instalment was breathtaking and extremely refreshing to see the tables turn and see the action through the eyes of the BOPE. The swat team that is sent into the slums of Rio de Janeiro to seize drugs and kill without hesitation.
The enemy within is a continuation of the first film although it’s set years later and follows Captain Nascimento from the first film and after a bloody riot at one of the prisons he is promoted. So the film follows him and all the lies greed and corruption right from the top of the chain. An astounding piece of filmmaking that is impossible to dislike.


What Happened To THE NIGHT COMES FOR US ?!?


Unfortunately the Production for Indonesian action/thriller The Night Comes For Us has Been put on hold.

In the meantime writer/director Timo Tjahjanto has teamed up with a graphic novel company Glitch Network to bring his tale of action, murder, and destruction to life in graphic novel form


Joe Taslim from The Raid and Fast And The Furious 6 was set to star in this action/thriller. The Night Comes For Us was also set to star Yayan Ruhian, also from The Raid movies and Julie Estelle, Hammergirl from The Raid 2.

It was to be directed by Timo Tjahjanto who also gave us Macabre, a segment in V/H/S 2, and also a segment in The ABC’s Of Death and more recently Headshot. The action scenes were to be directed by Gareth Evans, writer/director of The Raid movies and fight scenes choreographed by Iko Uwais.

There’s been no update about the graphic novel in quite some time but if anything surfaces then you guys will be the first to know. Hopefully, if we see the new Iko Uwais movie Headshot do well then it might be time to put this one back into production.

Headshot looks to be doing really well.  It just opened in various festivals across the globe and reviews are solid, as expected.  The film looks to be crazy violent which proves that there is most definitely a market for this genre of movie. The film is also directed by Tjahanto who is also known as one-half of The Mo Brothers

The Night Comes For Us was set to be produced by XYZFilms and Merantau Pictures

Here is the plot from wiki…

Ito, a gangland enforcer, returns to his local crime family in Jakarta after a stint with the notorious South East Asian Triad and finds himself trapped in a world of betrayal and chaos as the Triad initiates a bloody campaign of territorial expansion.

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