True Crime – Movie Time: A new Moviehooker podcast series

Hey, what’s the point of owning your own site when you can’t promote your own content? So, without further ado – we present to you the first episode of our True Crime – Movie Time podcast!

So, what is our podcast about? Well, there are so many great true crime podcasts and channels out there, so we wanted to do something a little different. As huge morbid af fans of true crime and unsolved mysteries, we still couldn’t compete with the knowledge of some podcasters. But, if we’re talking about movies, then that, folks, is something we KNOW A LOT about. So, we thought: why not mix the two? and that’s how True Crime – Movie Time was born.

In episode 1, we talk about German serial killer Fritz Honka who killed 4 women in Hamburg in the early 70s. We chat about his crimes and what we think drove this man to commit such horrible and brutal murders. We then talk about the movie, The Golden Glove; the story, the acting, the graphic content, cinematography, technical aspects and much more.

This podcast is only available in audio format for the time being. We really hope you enjoy and subscribe to our channel for more weekly episodes of True Crime – Movie Time.


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