We are back with episode 2 of Moviehooker’s True Crime/Movie Time audio podcast. In this episode, we take a look at an incredibly heartbreaking case of The Frog Boys

In 1991, 5 kids set off looking to hunt for frogs in a mountain region in Daegu, South Korea. All 5 children were never seen again alive. Their remains were found a decade later in an area that was searched countless times. Only 3 skulls were found and each skull showed extreme blunt force trauma. To this day, the parents have had no justice and this case remains unsolved.

We chat about two movies based on the case which are called Come Home, Frog Boys (1992) and Children (2011). Also, we take a look at a phenomenal documentary which really delves into some darker theories that it seemed the filmmakers were scared to go. And, as always, Yessica and I have some thoughts of our own.

This was a difficult case to talk about. Yes, it’s truly heartbreaking these kids died how they did but it’s what the parents go through. How their world was destroyed in the blink of an eye. All the fathers of the kids quit their jobs and used all their savings to travel the country in a large van with megaphones attached trying to raise awareness about their children and how badly this case was treated by the authorities. These folk are hands-down, some of the strongest human beings I have ever heard of.

We hope you enjoy the episode of True Crime/Movie Time. If you do, hit the like, subscribe and all that jazz!.

As always, thanks for reading.


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