Would You Pay For A Service To Watch Films In Your Own Home On The Same Day As It Gets Released In The Cinemas?

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The Screening Room
 could be the next big thing in online streaming. From Napster founder Sean Parker – the service would allow subscribers to watch all their fave movies in the comfort of their own home, and on the same day the film gets released into cinemas.

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are already onboard, with words of praise and endorsements coming from Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and JJ Abrams who are also reportedly shareholders in the company.

The Guardian report if the service is green-lit, then the cost (at present time) is roughly around $50 per-movie. The initial set-up of the service would cost around $150 (box to be installed in your house). Parker has yet to reveal how he plans to protect the films against piracy, but apparently he already has everything in place and anti-piracy will come with the box.

Although $50 does seem like quite a bit of cash to spend on going to see a movie – I think The Screening Room has more benefits than anything – here is just a few…

1: No annoying children screaming in the theatre

2: No slurping of giant drinks, no rustling of crisp packets

3: You don’t have to leave your house (great if you suffer from agoraphobia)

4: You don’t have to disguise alcohol as soft drinks and sneak them into your own home.

5: You can select your audience, maybe split the costs ( 5 friends = a measly $10 each, which is cheaper than a cinema ticket)

So do you think that The Screening Room is a great idea or do you think that this service is way overpriced and is not going to work?

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