Halloween Kills review – Evil Dies Tonight?…No, no it doesn’t!

Michael Myers is back to kill his sister, her family and the rest of Haddonfield in the latest franchise instalment, Halloween Kills

After a brief flashback segment at the start which takes us back to 1978, Halloween Kills takes us right into the fiery flames of the aftermath of the last movie. A frenzied, heavily bleeding and injured Laurie screams like a crazed madwoman “Let It Burn” as she watches firetrucks go in the direction of her burning home; the home where Michael has been trapped and left to burn into a smouldering pile of ash.

Of course, the firefighters have no idea, that some fires should never be extinguished and unknowingly unleash Michael on YET another killing spree.

Although Halloween Kills doesn’t really add anything new to the franchise, I am sure slasher fans will find loads to love. The kills are probably the most vicious we have seen in the franchise and there’s plenty of them. Apart from the impressive kill count, gore and inventive deaths, I didn’t really care at all for the story or the characters.

Laurie Strode (Jamie-Lee Curtis) pretty much takes a back seat in this movie. We’re introduced to other Haddonfield locals…or lambs for the slaughter, obviously. They all seemed like pointless fillers that offered little to nothing for the franchise.

And, yeah, the most repeated thing in the movie is crowds of people chanting “Evil Dies Tonight”.That may have been the case if they didn’t go and pull a Harry Potter on us

So, nope, Evil Did Not Die Tonight, we will have to wait for part two for that. I am sorry if you think that is a spoiler…but does he ever die?. Nope.

I think the next Halloween will be called Halloween Ends. That more than likely just means “the end of that one Halloween season”. I am sure big Mike will be back to haunt our screens after bleeding us dry after the next instalment.


Apart from hearing our favourite theme tune. A cool new burnt mask look on Michael, it seemed like a shallow and soulless instalment. Yeah, there were great kills, you just didn’t care about anyone dying.



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