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Classic Argento Style In Sergio Morcillo`s New Short Horror Film GOTAS

I was first contacted by writer/director Sergio Morcillo back in  2016. He wanted me to review his new short horror film You’re Gonna Die Tonight. I remember being overly impressed by the style of his filmmaking— It was evident from the get-go that Morcillo was a horror fan, inspired by all of the greats. So, when Morcillo contacted me again and asked me to review his new short Gotas, then I jumped at the chance.

GOTAS (Drops) is his latest production, and it exceeds every level.  His new short horror focuses on a young girl who lost her parents when she was young.  At the start, we see her at ballet lessons, before collapsing on the ground with what seems like an abdominal pain. When she arrives back at the house, that’s where the real style comes in. The use of lightning, the piercing sound design make for a terrifying watch. It is hard not to compare Morcillos visual style to the likes of Dario Argento or Mario Bava.

A lot is going on in the short run-time of 15-mins but I don’t want to ruin your experience. I can tell you that there is a creature.  This thing just appears out of nowhere, on top of a kitchen counter, naked and looking like its ready to rip some heads off.

I also found elements of my favourite horror movie, Martyrs in GOTAS. Not that the story is similar in any way but coming from a psychology point of view.


Morcillo keeps going from strength-to-strength.  GOTAS manages to hit a nerve and does so in the short running time of 15-mins. Mixing the styles of great horror filmmakers with his visual talent.

We won’t be waiting long until we see this talented filmmaker making feature-length horror movies. I for one can’t wait

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As always, thanks so much for reading. MovieHooker aka Gary.

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Vanessa’s Review

I watched this last night and thought I would chime in here. What I loved about Gotas was both the style of the filming— dark and ominous settings combined with multi-layered storytelling AND that Gotas manages to place a twist inside a story within a 16-minute time frame. Not an easy achievement.

Creating a short film with a psychological thriller thread is not something I expect to see. Especially when combined with the many themes it manages to explain through purposeful lighting and visual and spoken narrative. None of the elements are lost and it includes a subject matter which is both disturbing and sensitive. I see several subtle nods to a few horror films I have seen. One confirmed to be the influencing style of James Wan and the other I thought to be a token from the short film Lights out.

This film is compelling and beautifully constructed. We can only keep our fingers crossed a feature film from Sergio Morcillo is on the cards for the future.

Short | Horror | Spain

The official synopsis is as follows:

Marta is a teenager whose parents died two years ago. One night, while alone at home, she will discover the truth about the pain that is tormenting her.

Gotas is currently screening at festivals in Spain with upcoming events featured as follows. If any festival wants to see it, contact

Sant Cugat Fantastic Sant Cugat del Valles Spain June 8, 2018

Premios Pavez Talavera de la reina Spain June 11, 2018

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