Matrix Resurrections Review: Not without its faults but, man, I had such an awesome time!

When Keanu Reeves got a text from Lana Wachowski asking him would he be up for doing another Matrix movie, he replied “How? Neo is dead”. The reply that was sent back to Reeves was just a simple “is he?” and that folks, as simple as it was, was how the Matrix was resurrected.

Firstly, I thought about the special effects that we got. I mean, we have come so far that the Bullet Time and slow-mo scenes would just seem old and dated now. Within 2 minutes, we have a very similar battle and regurgitated script, but those moments were enough to throw me back into the world of The Matrix. As a fan (of most) of the franchise, I got those amazing shivers and just thought “f*ck, it’s good to be back”

Neo now lives a normal life as a top-notch game designer with no memory of his time as The One. The Matrix is a game coded by Thomas Anderson and it was one of the biggest selling games in history.He believes that everything that happened in The Matrix was just a part of the game he created. As well as that, he is also suffering from mental health problems which he is trying to overcome with a psychiatrist (Neil Patrick Harris). But when he is contacted by a certain someone called Morpheus, he is thrown back into the simulation he thought never existed.

I really enjoyed Keanu’s performance.

I really think that Neo is suited to him and only him (thank the lord Will Smith passed on the role). With Matrix Resurrections, it seems that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. There are a few comical moments and I admit, I chuckled a little bit. It was Keanu’s performance that held this together. Some people may get pissed because here we are, back at square one. Neo doesn’t know his power so we go through the same sequences as the first film. I can understand why this would piss people off but I loved the goofy, vodka drinking approach of Thomas Anderson.

As for the special fx, yeah, it was definitely an upgrade from the other movies. But as I said, with all the years since the last Matrix movie, special fx are on a whole other level. I thought that every single shot in Matrix Resurrections was beautiful to look at. Wachowski really knows her stuff and this accompanied by beautiful cinematography makes it a joy to experience. But, above all, the most impressive thing to me was the sound design; every punch, kick, or bullet fired were done beyond perfection.

I am happy to report that Matrix Resurrections exceeded my expectations

Is it perfect? no, not really…BUT VERY FEW MOVIES ARE. You just have to go and make your own mind up. It really gave me a whole new love for the franchise and I really hope we get to see more!.

As always, thanks for reading! we hope you enjoy Matrix Resurrections…best viewed on the big screen with thumping surround sound!

Review by GG

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