Midsommar Review: Ari Aster Sends Us On A Bloodsoaked Trip To Hell

Ari Aster delivers one of the most bizarre and truly original horror films in years with his second feature MIDSOMMAR

A group of American friends are invited to Sweden to take part in a traditional Swedish festival. You really need to know no more about the plot. Best to go in as blind as you can.

This was just so damn good. I mean, I loved Hereditary but Midsommar is on a different level. The cast was great but without a doubt, Florence Pugh delivered a performance to top Collette’s in Aster’s Hereditary. Her character and her backstory are the soul of the movie and she really gives it her all. This was the finest young female performance I have seen since Elizabeth Olsen in Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene.

Midsommar is a horror movie miles different than the rest. Something the mainstream horror movie-goer probably couldn’t handle. I went with my bro and he said during a certain scene “I am about 10 seconds from walking out of this movie, and I am not joking”.

My brother can appreciate cinema for sure and knows great acting, directing and cinematography. I knew this was too artsy for him, there was no jump scares so he was thrown off-guard not knowing what to expect. He commented on how skilful and creative the direction was, so it wasn’t a totally bad experience for him. The thing is, Stephen will go and watch Annabelle 3 and give it 5 stars. Buuuuut…I have to admit though the above-mentioned scene that he was going to walk out of…well, let’s just say it has to be one of the most fucked up things I have seen in quite a while.

Thinking on it now when it is still fresh in my mind, man, Midsommar, holy shit what an absolutely crazy film. A movie that is so beautiful to look at but so mind-fuckingly mind-bending and vicious. There’s no real horror in Midsommar but man, it is still horrifying; there’s no jump scares but you still get that eerie chill. It truly is an exceptional piece of work although it may require multiple viewings to understand completely. I can not wait to see what Aster gives us next. He certainly has my full attention.

8 Magic Mushrooms Out 10

As always , thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble 
Founder/Owner/SlaveToTheGrave @ Moviehooker

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