Moon movie. Mute coming to Netflix

It’s been a long time coming but we can finally confirm that Duncan Jones’ minimalistic sci-fi indie classic Moon has got a sequel in the works.

In my opinion, Moon has to be one of the best sci-fi movies of the 15 years. Such a simple story brought to life by brilliant writing, cinematography, direction and a phenomenal performance from Sam Rockwell.

moon pic

I was impressed to hear that Jones was getting the chance and a stab at the big time. He was given the chance to remake live-action adaptation of the hugely popular game WARCRAFT. Unfortunately, it was a  victim of cutting room scissors. The film shown in the cinemas was a different version to the one Jones wanted us to see.

Now Jones’ takes us back to his roots with the sequel to 2009’s Moon.

The film will be called MUTE and Netflix have got the rights. This means that Jone’s won’t have the restrictions that come with a big Hollywood movie. He will be giving us the sequel that he wants everyone to see.

More to info to follow as more news is announced. Thanks for reading


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