ROOM Actor Jacob Tremblay Cast In Upcoming PREDATOR Movie

I am sure you’ll all agree when I say that Jacob Tremblay gave us one of the best child performances in the history of film in ROOM

There wasn’t a moment when watching ROOM that I wasn’t amazed at the talent of the young break-out star, Jacob Tremblay. The now 10-year-old actor captivated the hearts of millions and gave an Oscar-worthy performance that will be talked about for years to come. It was clear after wiping the tears and snot away from my face as I watched the credits roll that young Tremblay was destined for great things.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Jacob Tremblay is set to star in Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s upcoming Predator reboot. Tremblay will play the son of a Marine who is aware of the Predator’s existence, but no one takes seriously….until it’s way too late!

Jacob Tremblay in ROOM
Jacob Tremblay in ROOM

Black and Dekker first burst on the scene with 1987’s The Monster Squad. Since then Black has penned some classic movies which include, The Nice Guys, Predator (original), Lethal Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and also Iron Man 3.

According to IMDb here is the rest of the cast that’s been announced for The Predator

Olivia Munn
Boyd Holbrook 
Trevante Rhodes 
Sterling K. Brown 
Thomas Jane (rumoured)
Keegan-Michael Key 
50 Cent (rumoured)\

We can now add Jacob Tremblay to the growing cast.

Although not listed on IMDb, there was also rumours that Benicio Del Toro joined the cast. I do sure hope those rumours turn out to be true. I wouldn’t mind watching Benicio battle the dreadlocked Alien who has soft-spot for polished skulls and spinal chords.

Black has also stated that The Predator will not be a complete reboot. It will acknowledge the events of Predator and Predator 2. 

The Predator is due for release on March 2018

More updates to follow as they’re announced.


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