10 Upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to Watch Out For Part 2

Part 2 of my 10 upcoming S.Korean Dramas/Thrillers to watch out for.

For part 1 Click Here.

Hope you enjoy it.

angry painterAngry Painter

The film follows two guys called Painter and Driver.  I am not sure if they are cops or are just out for revenge. They spend their days dealing with scum and they are in pursuit of an evil murderer, or a serial killer.

When they meet an Estonian girl, some flirting starts to happen which sparks some jealousy from an off-duty American soldier, and things don’t end too pretty.

The film was shot in both S.Korea and Estonia. More to follow on this film as it is announced.

dog eat dogDog Eat Dog

The film focuses on two gang members, these guys known as “dogs”. They target Koreans who are on holiday abroad, kidnap them and kill them without any guilt or remorse.

When one of them is thrown out of the gang, he then goes rogue and decides to kidnap someone by himself for his own sadistic pleasure. The mother of the person he’s kidnapped tracks down the gang he used to be with to find out where her son is and get him back.

man on heelsMan On High Heels

The vibe that I am getting from this film is that it is not suited for everyone. Chances are though, if you’re here reading about new South Korean movies then you probably like your films a little bit different.

The film revolves around a detective called Yoon Ji-wook. The man is an absolute legendary cop and is hugely respected by the force. He is also feared by the criminal underworld and known for brutal and relentless take-downs of criminal gangs

Yoon Ji-wook has a secret though, he has wanted to be a woman since he has been a teenager but is frightened to do or say anything because of his reputation.

But before he can do anything, a gang that Yoon Ji-wook took down is back, and closing in. They will stop at nothing until Yoon Ji-wook is dead…he will stop at nothing to become a woman.

Seoul_Station-608120820-largeSeoul Station

This is a film that I have been keeping a close eye on. The film is going to be in 2-parts, and is animated…but don’t let that put you off – Seoul Station sounds like a really good thriller/horror

The story of a viral outbreak that starts with a homeless man in the tunnels of Seoul Train Station and starts to rapidly spread through the city

The first part will deal with the infection and quarantine. The second part (pretty sure it will be called Busan Bound) will be about a train full of infected, flesh-eating zombie passengers en route to Busan.

Really looking forward to this..hopefully, there’s not much of a wait for the second part.

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