Best Movies Based on True Stories

Best Movies Based on True Stories

Powerful Tales

Cinema is powerful. A great story can change the world. As history has shown us, one perspective shift can cause some profound effects in people. Good movies can make us question reality (The Matrix), or imagine another exotic one in the not-too-distant future (Star Wars).

However, the most impactful stories ever told, are usually the ones that are based on true stories. There are so many good movies out there, but there is something that really hits home when you know a story is based on true events. That is why we put together a list of the best movies that are based on true stories:

The Imitation Game – An exciting and remarkable ride that follows the true story of Alan Turing, a computer scientist that spends the war trying to crack the Nazi enigma code that they used to send important encoded messages during the war. Turing was considered a genius, but also it was told he was extremely difficult to work with. His colleagues said that he was very arrogant, and this story shows how Turing had to conquer both his social and mathematical issues in order to successfully crack the Nazi Enigma code.

300 – This is another excellent historical war movie that is engrossing and empowering. 300 focuses on the true story of King Leonidas, the Spartan famous for leading 300 men in an awe-inspiring stand against the endless army of Persia at the Battle of Thermopylae. This battle took place in 480 BC, and the movie covering it is full of spectacular aesthetics and heart-pounding choreographed combat.

Into the Wild – This is a movie that centres around one man’s spiritual journey into nature. The film is about a man with all of the material possessions you could want, forsaking it all to go into the wild and live his dream. This is based on a true story, making it even more inspiring. Christopher Mccandless abandons his position as a top student, athlete, and donates his considerable savings to charity to go on a trek into Alaska. This movie is about man’s desire to transcend the material world.

Titanic – It is no surprise that this made the list of movies based on true stories. The Titanic is a harrowing story about the tragedy of the doomed tanker. Designed and believed to be unsinkable, the Titanic did just that. The Titanic movie is part romance, part tragedy, and part historical documentary. A harrowing tale that is well told, the movie resonates even more because of how accurate it was to the actual sinking.

Apocalypse Now – Another emotional war movie, Apocalypse Now is based on the famous book Heart of Darkness, which documented the author’s real-life experiences as a captain in the Vietnam war. The movie covers Captain Willard’s experience with a mission to infiltrate Cambodia and assassinate a renegade colonel that has elevated himself to god status to a local tribe. What ensues is a look into the deepest ugliness present in the human heart.


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