Check Out The First Teaser For Ultra-Violent Japanese Revenge Movie THE WORLD OF KANAKO

The trailer for the Japanese revenge thriller, The World Kanako is now available for your depraved viewing pleasure.

The World Of Kanako is the new film from director Tetsuya Nakashima who also directed the fantastic, Confessions (2011).

The World Of Kanako is based on a novel by Akio Fukamachi’s called Hateshinali Kawaki which was first released in 2004.

 The film follows a troubled ex-detective called, Akikazu (Kôji Yakusho, 13 Assassins) who is looking for his missing daughter, Kanako.  His search soon leads him down a dark and violent path and the closer he gets to the truth, the more he learns that his daughter is not the person he thought she once was.

The trailer gives us a small glimpse at just how insane this film is going to be. If the Japanese tell us they have released a new ultra-violent movie that pushes the boundaries of cinematic violence – then we just got to believe them, and get ready to be shocked and disturbed.

The World Of Kanako is getting released in cinemas and VOD on December 4th via Dark Sky Films and a full review will be live on Moviehooker 1 week prior to its release.

Enjoy The Deranged Trailer


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