6 Great Cillian Murphy Films To Check Out

Civilian Murphy makes us all proud to be Irish. The man has just made history at the Oscars for his role in Oppenheimer. I have been a fan of his for many years and fell in love with his acting through Irish independent cinema. Below you will find a list of my favourite Cillian Murphy films. Hope there will be some you haven’t checked out yet.

I have decided to leave out all of the big movies that Cillian Murphy has been in like Batman or Inception and focus on his early, mainly Irish independent releases – which, by the way, are ALL fantastic. Let’s get to it!


Cillian Murphy is only part of what makes Intermission so damn good. Colin Farrell plays an absolute blinder in this too. He plays the Irish knacker (Irish scumbag) down to a tee. The story of a relationship gone bad and a botched robbery that’s leaves the robbers with a lifetime supply of brown sauce.

Intermission started off a trend in Dublin with people putting brown sauce in their tea – I know, right? Some ice cream parlours even cashed in on the success and came up with an intermission – Brown Sauce Favoured ice cream.


The story of the ultimate bond between two people who share everything. Born on the same day, in the same hospital our two main characters Pig & Runt share an almost psychic connection. While Runt can reason, Pig is the more violent of the two. A beautiful story about connection all drenched in some heavy violence and an even heavier Corkonian accent. I would recommend the non-Irish to watch with subs.

A very unique love story told through the eyes of two soulmates that were never destined to be


Ok, I know this one needs no explanation but it has to go on the list. Not only is 28 Days Later one of Cillian’s best movies, but it is also one of the best horror movies out there. Directed by Danny Boyle and written by Alex Garland, the film focuses on a virus that turns infected into rage-fuelled maniacs who want to rip your flesh apart.

It looks like we are finally going to be getting the long-awaited sequel with both Danny Boyle and Alex Garland returning and serious rumours of Cillian Murphy reprising his role for the film titled 28 Years Later. I can not wait to update you all on that one.


From the creators of the fantastic Intermission, Perrier’s Bounty rounds up a phenomenal cast including Jim Broadbent and the fantastic Brendan Gleeson. A down-on-his-luck criminal gets caught up with the local crime boss gangster who he owes a debt otsetting off a hilarious and chaotic chain of events.

Perrier’s Bounty was met with some mixed reviews. I really enjoyed it, mostly for the amazing cast. It was quite predictable and somewhat darker than a lot of Irish crime cinema. If you’re not a fan of unnecessary cursing then you should give this one a miss. Very much like a predictable English gangster flick only set in Ireland.


I thought we would have seen Cillian Murphy win an Oscar for his role in Breakfast on Pluto. Partly set in Ireland in the 70s the film follows the transgender journey of Patrick “Kitten” Braden. With a town that can’t come to terms with sexuality, Patrick sets off for London to try and feel accepted and to find his long, lost mother. 

Breakfast on Pluto is directed by Interview With The Vampire & The Crying Game director Neil Jordan. Featuring Brendan Gleeson, Stephen Rea and Brendan Gleeson.


Another one I thought Cillian Murphy would be winning major awards for. The Wind That Shakes the Barley tells the harrowing real-life story of the Invasion of Ireland by the English and the handful of men and women who chose to fight with every bit of their being before their land was claimed by the English.

This is a tough watch, especially for those of us living in Northern Ireland. N. I was what was given to the English in an agreement when the Irish defeated them and pushed them up to the North. So, this means we have both Irish and Northern Irish (who are very proud of their English heritage). I was born a protestant myself (never a practising one) but I was one of those weirdos who thought it wasn’t right to come over and bully and steal people’s land…but hey, what do I know?😂

I have made countless friends on both sides throughout my life. Anyone who suffers from bitterness or sectarianism is just missing out on some of the best people they would ever meet…on both sides

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