The Crow Remake 2024: OFFICIAL TRAILER

It was just announced that we will finally see the remake of The Crow arrive on June 7th

I guess we can say that the Crow has been in development Hell for many years. It was almost like it was some sort of cursed film that could never hold a director or star. But, now, it seems The Crow’s curse has been lifted and we will finally get to see a release date on June 7th.

The new modernised reboot of the classic 1994 film tells the story of Eric Draven, a musician who gets brutally murdered while trying to protect his girlfriend from the city’s thugs on what was known as Devil’s Night in his almost lawless, drug-riddled city. Draven returns from the grave with the aid of a helpful Crow and begins to take on the city’s deadliest drug lords and get revenge for his murdered girlfriend.

There is no point in going into the tragedy that happened on the set of the original film. We all know what happened and if you’re reading this, then you’re probably just as big of a fan as I am. I understand Brandon Lee’s importance to fans and his iconic role as Eric Draven. I also know though that Bill Skarsgard is 100 times better a choice to play Draven than Aquaman (but the previous director saw something special in Momoa, so who am I to judge?).

The Crow (by Diamond-Dead Art)

Skarsgard has just completed another movie called Boy Kills World and he is very much a killing machine in that flick. Not only that but he was also trained up in that film by one of the leads from Gareth Evans’ The Raid movies. Those skills will no doubt have helped him with his transformation into Eric Draven.

Okay, my main worry with this reboot is the OST. The original soundtrack was so iconic and is easily one of the most important soundtracks in film history – it was a very big part of the film…almost like a character! can you imagine if they put 30 Seconds To Mars to Nickelback on there? I know they wouldn’t dare but that is a far scarier thought than Jason Momoa playing The Crow. Don’t you agree? just get Trent Reznor in to sort the OST and we will be in safe hands.

One of my main worries was the departure of director Corin Hardy (Gangs of London, The Hallow). I knew this man lived and breathed The Crow. He was a huge fan since childhood and a wonderfully talented director, too. If anyone was to bring this franchise back from the grave then it should have been him. He also saw something special in Momoa, so who knows maybe he was a great choice and I am just being a bit of a di*k. No harm intended, Mr Momoa! It was reported that both Hardy and Momoa left the project due to creative differences and financial difficulties with Samuel Hadida (his Production company owns the right to the franchise)

In the director’s chair for the remake is Rupert Sanders. Sanders has directed quite a bit throughout the years. I am pretty sure this is the 3rd feature film he is directing with the other two being the Ghost in The Shell reboot and Snow White And The Huntsman. He has another couple of feature films in the pipeline but they’re still in development.

As for the writers, The Crow remake was written by Zach Nylon (King Richard, Creed III) and William Josef Schneider (upcoming Return to Silent Hill and an unreleased film called Rain Who Kills Alone). Judging from these guys’ writing credentials, I think we are in pretty safe hands and can expect a well-constructed story that stays true to the original while still adding in that modern cinematic flair.

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