FIVE Amazing French Crime Movies You May Have Missed

Here are some French crime movies you may have missed. Hope you enjoy!

French Crime Movies – No 1: THE CONNECTION


French crime movies don’t get much better than this.

An amazing 70’s style action crime epic. This film deserves way more attention and can be streamed on Netflix.

 The look and feel of the film as authentic as a 70’s crime biopic can possibly get.


1970s Marseille is ruled by a brutal drug gang importing morphine from Turkey, transforming it into heroin and exporting the product to New York under the gang name la French. The gang, led by the cold-hearted Gaètan Tany Zampa (Gilles Lellouche), is boosting its income from drug trafficking by doing extortion and robberies. 

French Crime Movies – No 2: RAPT


What starts off as your typical hostage thriller quickly turns into something very different. Rapt is clever thriller full of twists and turns, full of realistic, nail-biting, tense performances.


Stanislas, a wealthy and high-profile businessman who is kidnapped and held for ransom, had his finger mailed to his family with their demands. His family comes into conflict with the police and his corporate associates as they struggle to raise the money and pay off the kidnappers. His business associates refuse to pay the ransom but agree to loan the family only as much as the family’s net worth. Stanislas is kept in darkness, unwashed, with little food, constantly threatened by his kidnappers.

French Crimes Movies –  No 3: COLT 45


Action/thriller about a talented marksman who is pressurised and left with no choice but to join the force. This is on the list because it’s from French/Belgian director, Fabrice Du Welz.

Mr.Welz is usually known for dark serial killer/horror movies, so to see him tackle the action genre was a joy to watch.


The young policeman Vincent is the best in his class and denies to be recruited to the special forces. But when the corrupt Milo manages to get a grip on him, his life is turned into a living nightmare.

French Crime Movies – No 4: NEXT TIME I’LL AIM FOR THE HEART


Based on the true story of a serial killer that brutally murdered young women in the late 70’s in France.

 Next Time I’ll Aim For The Heart reveals the serial killer very early on. This shifts the focus of the film as we see these disturbing events happen through his eyes.


For several months during 1978-1979 inhabitants of Oise region live in fright and terror as a serial killer disturbs the peace and quiet.

You can read more about the real life serial killer HERE

French Crime Movies –  No 5: SK1

french crime movies

Also known as Serial Killer 1. This film is based on the shocking true events that shook France in the late 90’s.

The film follows a police inspector obsessed with catching a serial killer who has been killing young women. After murdering his young victims he dumps their lifeless bodies in places the police will find them.

You can read more about thereal-lifee killer, Guy Georges  HERE 


An investigation by a young inspector who quickly becomes obsessed with stopping a monster.

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