Frogman Review: Fun, Slimey Lovecraftian Found Footage

Frogman does not take itself seriously: with a name like that would you expect it to?

Dallas the main character epitomises this.

He has captured video of Frogman while on family holiday as a child becoming famous as a result (pre-social media days). He has been living off of that feat since. That and the generosity of others – he sleeps on a couch in a spare room owned by family with boxes of his things and receives an ultimatum. 

Spurred into action he decides to revisit Loveland and convinces two friends to accompany him: a cameraman Scotty and an aspiring actress, Amy, who quits her dreams of Hollywood stardom to help find Frogman.

Dallas choosing to use the camcorder that caught the initial images is quaint but it makes you wonder why they do not primarily rely on phones using backup phones/battery packs. Would it be less of a tribute to Blair Witch with higher definition video from a phone? Either way it does not detract from the story.With his friends and old gear in tow he’s off looking to fulfil life’s purpose: find Frogman. Is he an alien? A beast or a thinly-veiled reference to the 4chan Frog God Kek?

Whatever he is, the story serves as inspiration to never give up on your dreams. This is echoed in relationship between Dallas & Amy who we learn had a thing once but neither ever pursued it further. 

Travelling to small-town southern America they encounter colourful locals in Loveland sharing opinions of Frogman: people will speak in support of something if they are making money from it as always.

Dallas now is like a man possessed – he has his mojo back and is chasing down information about Frogman. They store up trouble (I loved the chase in the woods scene) and they are warned to leave town after digging too deep. Dallas being stubborn keeps going, leading them to the woods and one step closer to the truth. The more you watch Dallas exposing himself and friends to danger the more you think he’s going to deserve getting frogged, but his determination to see things through grows on you so you are rooting for him as the story goes on. Being oblivious to his surrounds and loyal (naive?) people near him suggest the more things change the more stays the same though.

The film takes a twist, with homages to horror cult classics and while not South Korean-levels of twist it is still odd. It’s quite silly but it embraces it and ultimately good fun.

Overall it is a low budget flick (not compared to my previous Moviehooker review, Restore Point) but you think the crew had fun shooting the film and this carries through to the acting.

It’s a Blair Witch Clone.

It doesn’t take itself seriously.

And it is fun to watch.




Based on Real-Life Legend of Loveland Frogman

Found-Footage Creature Feature Coming to Collector’s Version VHS 2/9 and VOD/Digital Platforms 8/3 from Rotting Press

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