A vagrant enters the lives of an arrogant upper-class family, turning their lives into a psychological nightmare in the process.

Ever since I watched the incredible and immensely creepy Spanish thriller “sleep tight” from “[rec]” co-creator Jaume Balagueró, I was left with such a feeling of unease. The story was so simple yet went straight for the jugular whilst still managing to use very Minimal special effects. The film about a man who just crept into your house while you were at work or even in the shower, hid under your bed until you fell asleep and then drugged you, got undressed and spent the night sleeping beside. He was gone by the time you woke up feeling very groggy, completely oblivious and unaware that they were drugged. I loved every second of it and t was a masterpiece in making you cringe and feel uneasy.

So the reason I mention that film and found some sort of comparison was the first still I seen of the movie and although the film has a blend of dark humour, the pic that I seen was very far from funny. The pic showed a couple sleeping soundly in their bed in the comfort of their own home with a bearded naked man on-top of them just staring at them while they slept. The pic sent chills up my spine and I decided there and then that I don’t really wanna know anything else about it , just get the movie and watch it so you’re not knowing what to expect.’ok maybe I sound like a creep now” (actually I know I do ) but as you all know I like my films dark and disturbing and by the looks of this Dutch movie, it will not disappoint. Released in 2013 and has done extremely well in the festival circuit.



I was blown away by the trailer that I seen late last year. I have watched a few Filipino movies in the last while and I’ve been impressed with everything that I’ve seen so far, and don’t think this one will be any different. The film looks dark and brutal and sort of reminded me of “breaking bad”. From what I gathered from the trailer it’s the story of a family man who has no choice but to start selling crystal meth to help support his family, but shit spirals out of control and he is inevitably thrown into the criminal underworld of the Filipino drug  trade.




Eun-A (Kim Sun-A) lost her family at the hands of a serial killer. She is now mentally and physically destroyed. Eun-A then decides to get revenge. She enlists the help of four people marginalized by society including a North Korean defector,an ex-gang member and a person heavily in debt. All four persons need organ transplants. Eun-A’s plan is then set in motion.


I started watching Korean cinema a long time ago. the Koreans never fail to produce such a high caliber of movies with brilliant and engrossing storylines with phenomenal acting and superb direction. I love a great serial killer movie and South Korea has produced two of the finest serial killer movies around today :”I Saw the Devil’ and ‘The Chaser’. Both films shocked me to the core but kept me glued to my seat and glued to the screen for the entire movie. OK, we’ve had some great American serial killer movies as well and that’s not to go unnoticed but I just loved the pace of both Korean greats and we are all well due another one. I know I have high expectations of this film but I’m pretty sure it will deliver just as well as the rest.

American remake of ”I Saw the Devil” is underway and it’s no surprise. There was also talk quite some time ago about Leo DiCaprio taking on the lead role in the american remake of ” The Chaser” with his production company Appian Way set to produce alongside others such as paramount. Out of both remakes mentioned  I would’ve liked to see Leo in the lead for ”the chaser”. The man is one fine actor and would be great doing some dark roles like ”the chaser”.  It will be interesting to see him as Dr H.H Holmes in the movie adaptation of the best-selling novel ”the devil in the white city by Erik Larsen’. The man has been a busy man over the last year with all the roles that he’s done, but as far as I know, the film is still going ahead and he’s still attached to play the serial killer.

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