Netflix Picks Up Scorsese’s THE IRISHMAN

Streaming giants Netflix have obtained the rights for new Martin Scorsese gangster movie, The Irishman

If you’re a film executive and you so happen to find yourself in a bidding war with Netflix then please just grab your coat and make your way to the nearest exit. These guys have money to burn and the cash to buy just about every motion picture or TV series in production.

Netflix has now acquired the rights to Scorsese’s new gangster film, The Irishman.

Another passion project for Scorsese and just like Silence had this movie planned for some time. I wouldn’t get that excited just yet though as the film won’t be released until 2019, so we still have quite the wait.

Hitman Frank Sheeran
Hitman Frank Sheeran

The film will star Robert De Niro and will focus on a gangster/hitman called Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. A hitman who was reportedly responsible for over 20 assassinations. There is also rumours that he is the one who killed Jimmy Hoffa.

Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran found killing so easy as he served in the army when he was younger. He fought for an average of 400-days in combat which is 300-days more than your average soldier (according to my best friend, Wiki).

When he got back from the army, Sheeran got a job as a truck driver. Word also quickly spread that Frank The Irishman Sheeran would also kill anyone you like, you just gotta pay The Irishman a fee then he’ll carry out the hit for you. It wasn’t long before the mafia bosses found out about Sheeran’s callousness and ability to kill without remorse.

The Irishman sounds like the perfect fitting for a role for De Niro and  Scorsese to direct.

There is also rumours that Joe Pesci will reunite with De Niro and Scorsese for the first time since Casino. Pesci has not been confirmed though and apparently, Pesci keeps telling De Niro or Scorsese every time they phone up to “go fuck yourself”.

More to follow as its announced. Thanks for reading 


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