News: New Evil Dead Movie Announced

Well, it was only a matter of time before we heard the news of a new Evil Dead movie and that’s the joyous news I am about to spread.

There’s no point talking about a new Evil Dead movie without expressing my feelings for the last instalment, Evil Dead Rise. As a lifelong fan of the Evil Dead franchise, I was super excited to hear that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell had hand-picked Iirish writer/director, Lee Cronin to take the franchise away from familiar territory and start a whole new terrifying world bringing the old-school fans and also creating a whole new generation of Necronmifans?

Evil Dead Rise looked great, there was plenty of gore and inventive kills. However, the plot I felt about the roadie etc had no driving force for the story. Apart from the Book of the Dead, Evil Dead Rise just didn’t feel like an Evil Dead movie to me. As a standalone possession horror, it was a solid watch

New Evil Dead Movie Announced

Although the 2013 Alvarez version was pretty much a remake, Ash was still removed from the equation…and it still VERY MUCH felt like an Evil Dead movie. My point is, you can still create that Evil Dead feel without having Ash and Evil Dead Rise didn’t quite do it for me. I still supported it every step of the way.

By the end of EDR’s theatrical run, Cronin’s splatterfest raked in nearly 150 million dollars. We have Lee Cronin and the box office success to thank we’re getting a new Evil Dead movie and I could not be happier…and here’s why!

Now To The New Evil Dead Movie Announcement

A new Evil Dead movie from filmmaker Sébastien Vaniček (Infested) is officially in the works. Throughout last year, I have been hooking you all up with the news of his French spider horror. Why? because I have not read a single bad word about that horror movie and when I hear news like that, especially a sub-genre as untouched as killer spiders, I have to get that news to you guys.

Infested was also Vaniček’s directorial debut (wow!) and because of the critical acclaim of his first feature, he has been signed to CAA. Now, his first project is to direct and co-write a new Evil Dead movie. Imagine the feeling Vaniček must have right now. Congrats to him.

Have You Checked Out The Trailer For INFESTED?

This seems to be a wonderful method that Raimi has going. Just like Vaniček, Lee Cronin only had one horror film (The Hole In The Ground) before being hand-picked by Raimi to breathe new life into the franchise. Raimi is choosing upcoming directors with very little experience and it is a beautiful thing to do because what filmmaker doesn’t want to make a new Evil Dead Movie? none. If we had a lot more influential directors doing the same, a lot more upcoming filmmakers would get their chances to shine. Raimi is also no fool, he is picking wisely, based on pure cinematic facts and his choice to let Sébastien Vaniček in the driver’s seat for a new Evil Dead Movie is one hell of a fine choice.

The plot is being kept under wraps for now but that is expected. Now we begin the tiresome journey of pre and post-production. That’s the horrid thing about reporting on movies you want to see. There hasn’t even been a script yet so it will be a long wait…but hoping worth it, and I have a feeling it will be. You can count on Moviehooker to be following this every step of the way.

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