A fresh new list focusing upcoming horror and thriller movies from around the globe. I hope you enjoy.

My aim is give to hook you up with a neverending list of quality films to watch. 

New Horror


Country: Spain

It took me a while to find out anything about Compulsion. From what I can gather, the film focuses on a woman who believes her husband is having an affair. Obsessed and a paranoid wreck, she sets out to find what her husband is doing and why he is spending all of his time in this secluded house in the woods.

I am not 100% but it looks her husband may be a twisted serial killer and is using this house to kill and store his victims.

I found a short description and I had to do some clever “copying and pasting” into Google Translate to get the jist of the story.


New Horror


Errementari – The Blacksmith And The Devil

Country: Spain

The first thing that caught my attention with this flick was that it is produced by Spanish horror/comedy maestro Alex Igelis (The Last Circus, Witching & Bitching, EL Bar).

Errementari – The Blacksmith And The Devil is a fantasy horror movie set in 1845. I am not too sure about the exact plot but the film is said to have a lot of mythical creatures. That and Satan himself is out trying to steal the souls of the desperate and less-fortunate.




New Horror

Cold Skin

Country: France/USA

This movie is the new film from Frontier(s) director, Xavier Gens. I still think he has yet to better his French shocker, Frontier(s). Maybe this could be the one?

As my love for horror grew darker, I was delighted that we had filmmakers leading the French horror movement like Xavier Gens. Frontier(s)The film where a group of young adults escaping a riot fall victim to a load of neo-Nazis’. It was so good when it was first released.

Cold Skin blends horror with sci-fi. Two genre’s that if done right can make a terrifying combination.

New Horror And Thriller Movies 2017

Luna’s Revenge

Country: Germany

The story of a young girl who witnesses a horrific crime in which she sees her family get brutally slain in front of her. After narrowly escaping the massacre, she soon learns that her life was a lie and her family were no the people they pretended they were. Her family were involved with Russian spies. Luna sets out to get revenge for her family’s death.

New horror 2017 ATERRADOS


Country: Argentina

ATERRADOS is a supernatural horror movie from Argentina. Dealing with paranormal disturbances, the film follows a paranormal investigator who finds that different people are experiencing the same supernatural phenomenon.

Looks genuinely creepy. Argentina is responsible for one of my favourite thrillers of all time, THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES. I am really hoping that  ATERRADOS will have the same effect.



New horror and thrillers 2017 Ajji


Country: India

Ajji seems like a hardcore revenge movie. If these guys break into song and dance during this film, I will very impressed but I’m thinking that with a story so bleak, it’s no place for singing and dancing.

After a young child is found raped and left for dead, her grandmother sets out to kill the men responsible. That’s all I really know, and that’s more than enough information for all of us who love a good revenge epic.


New Horror Movies 2017

Good Manners

Country: Brazil  

One thing we have had a shortage of lately is damn good werewolf movies!. I am hoping this is about to change with new Brazilian flick Good Manners (As Boas Maneiras). I have read a few reviews, every one of them has been positive.

From reading the reviews I can tell you not to look into the plot too much. This is apparently a very unique and weird werewolf tale.

The film is set in Sao Paulo and focuses on a pregnant woman and the nurse she hires to help. A few separate storylines build up the tension and the film slowly turns into something completely unexpected.

New Horror Movies 2017


Country: Spain (English language)

From director-writer Sergio Sanchez (The Orphanage, The Impossible) and starring George MacKay (Defiance, Captain Fantastic).

The film is about how one family struggles to remain together after the death of their mother. 1-older brother, and 3 youngins’ must keep the death of their mother a secret. This proves harder when they’re also being targeted by an evil presence lurking in the shadows of their family home.


New Horror Movies 2017


Country: Spain

The new film from the co-writer of one of my favourite horror movies, EVER, {REC•}. Paco Plaza returns to the horror genre with Veronica, a demonic possession horror film set in Madrid, Spain.

The story focuses on a group of classmates who mess around with the Ouji board (never a good idea in movies, is it?). A demon possesses one of the students, that’s all the fuel I can give you towards the story.

The film is co-written by Fernando Navarro who wrote the superbly dark and brutal, Toro. This really doesn’t sound like anything new, but if done right then possession movies can be a damn good horror. Seems like a great team so this goes on the list.

New Horror movies 2017

Dead Shack

Country: Canada

A list wouldn’t be complete witHout at least one zombie movie. Canadian horror movie Dead Shack sounds like a minimalistic but unique approach to the overpopulated sub-genre.

When a family take a trip to a secluded cabin in the woods, the son must protect his loved ones from a neighbour who is trying to feed them to his zombie family.

You all know, I’m a sucker for a zombie movie. This sounds like a refreshing break away from the tripe that has become AMC’s, The Walking Dead.


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