Three New Horrors That You Will Be Hearing About Very Soon!

A short list of upcoming horror movies that you will be hearing about very soon

Ok, let’s get to this. This list of upcoming horror movies has grabbed my attention and put them on my horror-radar. I hope you all feel the same as I do.


Upcoming horror BLOODLINE
I am a sucker for an awesome poster

Blumhouse has been rocking it lately. I don’t find their movies to be the scariest (I am into some twisted stuff) but when I see the “Blumhouse” logo appear, I can almost guarantee that we’re in for a fun ride.

Bloodline is an upcoming horror movie that stars Sean William Scott, a name I have not heard in a while. I have never had a problem with Scott’s acting, it was just the movies he has been cast in. I am always up for watching an actor out of their comfort zone and trying new things.

So what is Bloodline about? (plot from Wiki)

Evan values family above all else, and anyone who gets between him, his wife, and newborn son learns that the hard way. But when it comes to violent tendencies, it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Upcoming Horror TRAUMA
Prepared to be scarred

The screener is waiting to be viewed and to be honest, I am a little worried. I know of someone who has seen this upcoming horror, and if he says it’s fucked up…I believe him. My review will be live in the next day or two.

This could be one of the most extreme horrors to hit our screens in recent times. In fact, it is very rare that I receive a warning with a screener, especially from the great Artsploitation Films –  it read: “Only For Hardcore Horror Fans”.

What’s it about?!

4 friends on vacation in Chile are abducted and attacked by two crazy locals, a father and his son. The friends soon realise that this twisted family have ties to the darkest period in Chilean history.

Expect torture and war crimes inflicted on these poor lost souls….holiday goers will never learn, will they?


Upcoming horror FRAMED

You know what else I am a sucker for?, Home Invasion movies. Why?, I dunno, I told you, I am into some pretty horrific stuff. My favourite Home Invasion movie to this date would have to be a Spanish movie called, Kidnapped. This what I base my Home Invasion movies on, I probably shouldn’t though as it will be hard to beat the brutality and depravity  Miguel Ángel Vivas‘ 2010 shocker.

So, Framed tells the story of a group of unlucky individuals who get attacked by three thugs looking to play cruel and sadistic games with them. I guess the difference with this and other HI movies is that it’s all about the internet. The torturing and sadistic games are streamed live on the Web.

I have read one review, and man, it was glowing, a straight-up 10/10. I only hope this wasn’t written by someone involved with the movie as he/she really sold it to me. We will just have to wait and see…it is Spanish so, to me, that sounds promising.

Hope you enjoyed the new upcoming horror movie list. If you did, then please take the time to share on social media – it helps a lot. As always, thanks for reading.


Words by Gary Gamble

Owner/Founder/BigCheese @ Moviehooker



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