Press Release: Only The River Flows

We are happy to share with you the official press release for the Cannes Un Certain Regard Official Selection film Only The River Flows

It’s great to see we are starting to get some Asian press releases again and Only The river Flows sounds like it could be right up our street. Check out the info below!

(Striding into the Wind, Ripples of Life)


‘A film noir that’s so vintage it comes wrapped in crackling celluloid and old cassette tapes. Written and directed by Wei Shujun, the movie is a puzzle-like homage to the noir genre itself, with echoes of Jean-Pierre Melville, Chinatown and Memories of Murder

‘Imagine the gleaming surfaces of Park Chan-wook’s terrific Decision to Leave stripped of romance, all scuzzed-up and grimy’

Wei Shujun’s (Cannes entries Striding into the Wind, Ripples of Life) sophisticated and stylish noir ONLY THE RIVER FLOWS follows police detective Ma (Yilong Zhu), who’s assigned to investigate a small-town serial killer case. Set in 90’s rural China, the engrossing crime story is an adaptation of Yu Hua’s short story and features staggering visuals and cinematography from Chengma Zhiyuan (Fires on the Plain). Launching to great critical acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival, the film has been featured at various international festivals, including the BFI London Film Festival. ONLY THE RIVER FLOWS will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on 16th August 2024. 

1990s, Banpo Town, rural China. A woman’s body is found by the river. Ma Zhe, Chief of the Criminal Police, heads up the murder investigation that quickly leads to an obvious arrest. As his superiors are keen to communicate their success, several clues push Ma Zhe to delve deeper into the hidden behaviour of his fellow citizens.

Masterfully directed and filmed on 16mm, Wei Shujun creates a brooding, enigmatic movie filled with dark humour and social commentary.

Stay tuned for more information on Only The River Flows, we will be grabbing a review screener when one becomes available. All of the above information is from the official press release.

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