Writer And Director Of Atmospheric Haunted House Horror WE ARE STILL HERE Begins Production On New Movie MOHAWK

we are still here

Ted Geoghegan is back with his follow-up to the acclaimed haunted house horror We Are Still Here


We Are Still Here was a breath of fresh air for us horror fans –  it was horror movie that was dedicated to the people who love horror movies, the people who grew up when the genre was at its most inspirational and best. It was a tribute to 70’s Euro-horror – it didn’t feature the young cast , it had a mature cast constructed by some great actors and a villain that was over 80-years-old.

Now writer-director Ted Geoghegan is back with a new revenge-action-horror movie called Mohawk. The story of a young woman from the Mohawk tribe who sets fire to a camp belonging to a load of nasty, white American soldiers, who now want their revenge. Geoghegan has described the movie as a “home invasion film where the home is North America itself”.

Geoghegan co-wrote the movie with novelist Grady Hendrix, the author of 2014 novel, Horrorstör.

Travis Stevens of Snowfort Pictures and Greg Newman of Dark Sky Films are back and have teamed with Geoghegan as producers and the talented Karim Hussain will return as cinematographer .

Mohawk will star, Kaniehtiio Horn (Hemlock Grove), wrestler Jon Huber, Andrew Sensenig (We Are Still Here, Powers), Ian Colletti (Arseface from AMC’S new hit show, Preacher), Justin Rain (Twilight Saga) Robert Longstreet (Pineapple Express, Take Shelter), and Sheri Foster (U-Turn, Shallow Ground).

Mohawk is currently shooting in Upstate New York. I fired Geoghegan a mail yesterday to congratulate him on the new shoot and he replied saying …

Thanks so much! Out in the woods right now, shooting!  😀

Expect more updates on Mohawk as they're announced.

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