The Intouchables – Comedy Can’t Get Any Better Than This



Driss has just applied for a job as a carer, helping a quadriplegic man called Phillipe. He has no intention of taking the job. All he wants is a signature so he can prove to the welfare office that he’s actively seeking employment.

Phillipe is a romantic/poet, he has a great mind but he is stuck in a lifeless body. The rest of the applicants come across just like that. A lot of them just treat it as a job. They are forgetting they are dealing with a human being, which I am sure is degrading for someone in Philippe’s position. Driss is full of life and comes across as funny, yet unsympathetic to Phillipe’s condition. This might be just what Phillipe is looking for.

Without hesitation, Driss gets a month’s trial. And so begins one of the finest movie experiences you’ll ever witness on-screen. That is all you need to know, I don’t want to be spoiling it for the ones who ain’t seen it. Just be prepared to laugh….. a lot! This is comedy at its finest.


Also, I would like to mention that it is great to see Omar Sy making some waves. He bagged himself a role in the mega-blockbuster, Jurassic World. I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie, but it was great to see him in it  He deserves a lot of attention, and more leading roles, he really is a great actor.

Intouchables is available on Netflix

The last thing…if you haven’t checked out the French thriller, Tell No One then you should check it out. An awesome thriller filled with some great twists and stars Francois Cluzet.

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