Graphic Novel Ignites Graphic Violence In Random Acts Of Violence

Random Acts Of Violence

Random Acts Of Violence focuses on the author of a hugely popular R-rated graphic novel. Unable to come up with an idea on the final issue and how to end his story, he embarks on a cross-country road trip with his girlfriend, his assistant and best friend, the owner of Hard Calibre Comics. Not long into their trip, they realise that a crazy fan has taking cosplay to a new, dangerous level. Someone is recreating the brutal murders from his graphic novel, Slasherman.

It ain’t very often we get a production that dares to delve into the brutality that Random Acts Of Violence shows. I mean, it isn’t the most graphic and hardcore slasher I have ever seen. But, for an English-language production…it’s well up there.

If I am being perfectly honest, I was a little worried that this flick wouldn’t live up to the title but after the first killing, I can wholeheartedly admit…I was so wrong! You all know that I love my gore and on-screen violence. Random acts of violence really set the bar high. I was that impressed with the first slaughter that I must have watched it about ten times with each time being more amazed at this frenzied vicious killing.

Using a crazed fan and a graphic novel for the fuel for the carnage was a refreshing approach to take

Random Acts Of Violence is a hugely enjoyable slasher. A tense and brutal horror that cuts to the bone. The writing and directing from Jay Baruchel was on point. Baruchel is known for his role in Seth Rogen movie, This Is The End and also, How To Train Your Dragon. Random Acts Of Violence wouldn’t be the type of film you’d expect from Baruchel. It is miles away from the movies he is known for but it already makes Baruchel a key-player in the horror genre. I hope he continues and follows-up with another genre breaker!

Director: Jay Baruchel
Writers: Jay Baruchel, Jesse Chabot  
Producers: Jay Baruchel, Randy Manis, Noah Segal
Starring: Jesse Willimas, Jordana Brewster, Jay Baruchel, Niamh Wilson
Music: Wade MacNeil and Andrew Gordon Macpherson

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Coming out in the US, UK & Ireland on AMC’s horror streaming platform Shudder August 20th 

*In theaters and on-demand in Canada July 31st*

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