Sorry About The Demon: Trailer & info for new Shudder Original

Writer/Director Emily Hagins is unleashing her super fun demonic horror movie Sorry About The Demon to us all via Shudder

What a time to be a fan of demonic horror, right? we have a great few months to be looking forward to . From the new Evil Dead to the new Argentinian horror/comedy, Legions. Now, we can add Sorry About the Demon to that list and it looks like a HELL of a lot fun and also a nice homage to Evil Dead. Check out the trailer and official plot down below.


SORRY ABOUT THE DEMON follows the brokenhearted Will (Jon Michael Simpson), who after being dumped by his girlfriend Amy (Paige Evans), is offered a massive house at a very low rent. The catch is that the restless spirit haunting the place needs a human sacrifice and the prior owners must find one or else their young daughter is toast. So, Will must figure out how to make things right with his ex-girlfriend AND banish the sacrifice-seeking demon residing in his house.

Here’s the trailer

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY EMILY HAGINS. Sorry About the Demon is streaming on Shudder on January 19th.


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