Lowlife Fantasia Festival 2017 review

Fantasia Festival 2017 Review: LOWLIFE

Rage-Filled Luchador, Organ Harvesting, Swastika Tattoos and Fish Tacos. Welcome to Ryan Prows’ LOWLIFE FANTASIA FESTIVAL 2017 REVIEW In the opening scenes of Ryan Prows’ LOWLIFE, motel worker, Crystal tries to stop what looks like an abduction of illegal immigrants. It only takes minutes to set the tone for the Continue Reading


Fantasia Festival 2016: The Love Witch (2016)

Fantasia International Film Festival Takes us back to the 60’s exploitation era with The Love Witch   There is something very fascinating about the late 1960s and the way in which it was portrayed on TV and film back then. While it may look all bright and glamourous, my parents Continue Reading