7 Promising New Genre Films You Need To Know About

New Genre Films - The Substance A Moviehooker List

As long as these movies keep getting announced, I will try my hardest to keep you all up to date with all the new genre films coming your way. Here’s another 7 flicks! Enjoy A lot of these new genre films are currently playing at festivals so we may be waiting a while before we see a release. At least my lovely … Read more

Upcoming Horror Flicks 2024

Upcoming Horror Flicks - A Moviehooker List

A new list of upcoming horror flicks that should be coming your way soon. I hope you enjoy it and add them to your watchlist. Again, we have a new list of upcoming horror flicks, all with different subgenres, so hopefully, there will be something here for every type of horror fan. THE DEMON DISORDER … Read more


New Horror Movies 2024 - A Moviehooker List

We are back with a brand new list of New Horror movies featuring folk horror, creature features, serial killers, and the apocalypse. As always, we hope you enjoy it. NEW LIFE New Life looks like an interesting new horror hybrid. It follows a woman who believes that she is on the run for murder. What … Read more

TV Shows/Films To Check Out If You Like Sweet Home

sweet home netflix

Are You A fan of Sweet Home? I guess you are…or you wouldn’t be reading this. Here are some great TV shows and films to check out to fill the Sweet Home void after you’re done with the awesome season 2. Sweet Home Season Two just hit Netflix. The long-awaited South Korean monster series has returned and … Read more

5 New K Dramas You’re Going To Want To Know About

Night Has Fallen Moviehooker K Drama List

Hi, folks, I’m back with a new list of K Dramas. Most of these are upcoming, so, it could be a while until we get to see them. However, we have some great stuff coming and you’re going to know about these beauties before everyone else. Another list of new K Dramas. It feels I … Read more

After Army Of The Dead get ready for loads more Zombie action from Netflix

Army of the Dead poster and Other Zombie Netflix news Moviehooker

It’s getting closer, the wait is almost over – Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead is almost here, but that ain’t all we’re getting! It looks like Netflix have high hopes for Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie film Army of The Dead. It has been announced that a feature-length prequel to Army of the Dead is … Read more


A list of upcoming indie horror movies that will be hitting our screens soon. As the festivals continue to bring us the best in new, upcoming indie movies, I thought it was time to make a short list to tell you about some of the solid new features we have to come our way. Some … Read more

New Indie Movies Everyone Is Talking About

Here is a list of new Indie movies that have been generating quite the buzz. Hope you enjoy 1: LA LA LAND OK, apart from Takeshi Miike’s weird yet wonderful zombie sing along, The Happiness Of The Katikuri’s, I’m not one who would go in search of a musical. It’s hard not to have this … Read more

6 Dark South Korean Horrors/Thrillers You May Have Missed

A new list for you all to enjoy featuring some dark AF South Korean titles you may have missed SPIDER FOREST A man wakes up in the middle of a forest with no recollection of how he got there. He see’s a small light and makes his way towards a nearby cabin. As he enters … Read more

FIVE Amazing French Crime Movies You May Have Missed

Here are some French crime movies you may have missed. Hope you enjoy! French Crime Movies – No 1: THE CONNECTION French crime movies don’t get much better than this. An amazing 70’s style action crime epic. This film deserves way more attention and can be streamed on Netflix.  The look and feel of the film as authentic … Read more

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