The Last Of Us: Full-Length Trailer Shows Insane Details and Respect for Games

The trailer we have all been waiting for is finally here. The full-length trailer for HBO’s The Last Of Us has just dropped and really shows just how respectful they’ve been to the Playstation games.

It has been confirmed that The Last Of Us will premiere on HBO in January 2023. Everything we have seen so far has really proven how much thought and love has gone into keeping this respectful to the original source. Of course, we still have some haters, primarily about the casting of Joel and Ellie. Do we really need that carbon copy character? can we not cast people based on the performance they’re going to give? and folks, we know that both Pascal and Ramsey will nail the roles.

The trailer also does an incredible job of showing us the crumbling of society without giving too much away. Romero proved back in ’69 that, yeah, you had to worry about those flesh-eating zombies…but you gotta watch out for those humans too. The humans, they’re the real monsters.

For those of you still wanting to see some Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson

If you’re still an inconsolable blubbering mess about the casting of Joel and Ellie then you will be happy to know that they both make a cameo in the trailer. But, folks, I am sorry…they still look nothing like Joel and Ellie.

Yup, the original voice actors of Ellie and Joel are both in the trailer…did you spot them? if not, here’s where you can find them.

  • Ashley Johnson. @ 1.33
  • Troy Baker @ 1.37

So, I have to admit, I am a little jealous of those who haven’t played that games before. The trailer shows us a post-apocalyptic wasteland but very little zombie action. To me, that’s a hell of an achievement because those who don’t know have no idea what horrors await them and you are all going to be blown away.

Hurry the f*ck up, January!.

As always, thanks for reading.


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