Trailer And Poster For New Alien Invasion Movie CAPTIVE STATE

Captive State

The trailer has just dropped for new sci-fi CAPTIVE STATE.

Captive State is a new sci-fi from the director of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, Rupert Wyatt. As I said before, as far as franchises go, Apes is by far the strongest Hollywood franchise around.

So what is Captive State about?

Basically, aliens have invaded earth. The film is about how the human race now lives under new alien rule.  A group of humans form a resistance and plan to take back their planet from the aliens who invaded and the humans who now follow this new totalitarian existence.


Captive State

Official and beautiful poster for Captive State.

The poster grabbed my attention, the first teaser managed to draw me in even more. Then this trailer dropped and it pushed me back…just a little bit. In saying that, the trailer does a great job at building the tension. I am just worried this may be just another mindless kiddie-friendly Hollywood blockbuster.

The trailer acts like a political statement and shows us ZERO alien activity apart from a few meteorites and a huge spaceship hovering over a baseball pitch. To me, that is a well put-together trailer, it certainly got my attention.

All we can hope for is that Captive State has the same feel or political meaning that Neil Blomkamp manages to get across with his sci-fi movies. We have seen too many high-production sci-fi blockbusters that replace heart and soul with explosions and jaw-dropping special effects. I am no longer 12-years-old, I like my sci-fi to scare the shit out of me and make me continually ask the question: What would I do if this ever happened? Hide. Yup, I would hide….until I come up with a plan, and single handily destroy the alien threat, and restore life back on our beautiful “peaceful” planet.

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I am guessing this is just the first trailer. Expect more to drop in the coming days or weeks. Captive State is due for release March 2019.

Enjoy/share the trailer. As always, thanks for reading.

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