Trailer For Hardcore Female-Led French Shocker REVENGE

The trailer for Coralie Fargeat’s Revenge is here

Coralie Fargeat’s, Revenge has been high up on the watchlist since last year.

There hasn’t been much movement in the extreme French cinema genre. As you all know, at a time, the French dominated the extreme cinema scene. Now we’d be lucky to get two movies a year, and that’s just all sorts of wrong.

Hopefully now with the success of movies like Raw, Cold Ground and now, Revenge we will start to see a rise in French extreme cinema once again.

New Horror Movies REVENGE
You’ve got red on you.

At first glance, the trailer does seem to give away a lot of the plot details but I am sure there is way more to offer than what you’re about to see. The trailer shows, and quite graphically as well, why this movie is called Revenge.

The premise seems straightforward: a girl gets sexually assaulted by a gang of thugs while away on holidays. She is beaten, thrown off a cliff and presumed dead. Of course, she ain’t dead, though. In fact, what the thugs don’t know is that she is a hunting/survival expert. You can guess what follows…Revenge, brutal, bloody, Revenge.

From what I have read, the reviews seem to be outstanding. People are already comparing it to some of the best French extreme films out there like, Martyrs or Switchblade Romance (Haute Tension). Hearing those comparisons is enough to sell me a thousand times over.

Hope you enjoy the trailer. 

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More information to follow as it’s announced. As always, thanks so much for reading.


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