ICYMI: Trailer For New Shudder Exclusive TV Series CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE

The vicious fuzzballs from space are back in their very own TV series CRITTERS: A NEW BINGE

“It appears there are loads of hairy balls descending through the air”

If you grew up watching 80s horror then I am sure you’re familiar with Critters. First released in 1986, the original starred Dee Wallace (who follows Moviehooker on Twitter) and told the hilarious story of a bunch of aliens that came to earth to feast on the folk of a small farming community in the good ole USA.

Critters spawned a chain of sequels that got even more ridiculous as they went on. Even Leonardo DiCaprio has these little fuzzballs to thank for his rise to fame as one of his very first roles was in Critters 3.

I think there were 4 movies in total, I am not 100% but I adored them back in the day. I am not sure 37-year-old me would still find them funny but nonetheless, they’re classics and in my mind, they will remain that way.

Critters gave us was the biggest, bad-ass space bounty hunter to ever be put on film. His transition from idiotic farm boy to bounty hunting Critter killing machine was the best character development and hilarious to watch. Also, when Charlie reached full-form, do you remember that glorious mullet? – it deserved its own spin-off series. I’m hoping that Charlie (played by Don Keith Opper) will reprise his role as the Critter-killer bounty hunter from outer space but it looks like he won’t be in this series. Who knows? he could get cast if we get a season 2. If they bring back the mullet…they have my attention.

Which now brings me to the¬†series. I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed by the trailer. I am hoping it’s a case of they’re keeping the best bits for the viewers.

In Critters: A New Binge our little needle-shooting monsters return to Earth to a town called Burbank in search of a Critter abandoned and left behind. They target a group of high school kids (who I already want to die) and their families and that seems to be the main story for the series. It will be fun to see the giant Critter-ball wreak havoc once again.

As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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