2 New TV Shows You Should Be Watching

If you’re in search of some new American crime TV shows Then Check These Two Out If You Haven’t Already



Animal Kingdom is based on the Austrailian indie movie of the same name. The movie, Animal Kingdom was released 2010 and starred Guy Pearce and Joel Edgerton. I am pretty sure it was the directorial debut from The Rover co-writer/director David Michôd

So, now Animal Kingdom has unexpectedly got the small-screen makeover…and it works!

The TV show shifts the focus of the story to LA instead of Melbourne.

In the first scene, we see 17-year-old, J, sitting beside his mother’s corpse with his head in his hands. Her mother’s body lays lifelessly, slumped on the couch, needle sticking out of her arm from an obvious overdose.

With nowhere to go or anywhere to turn to, J is left with no choice to phone his estranged grandmother. Within minutes J has whatever belongings packed into a bag and is met with his grandmother outside of the apartment.

J moves in with grandmother and his uncles who also happen to be a powerful crime family. Now J has to adapt to his new lifestyle, learn to keep secrets and abide by a new set of rules.

Over the course of the first season, we learn more and more about why J’s mother kept him away from that side of the family. Not only that but we also start to see changes in J, he starts to prove to others that he is not the quiet and shy kid everyone thought he was.

Really powerful first season but I am not sure how long the story can go on for. It’s great to see such powerful writing come out of such a small indie film.

Maybe now with the release of the series you might go out and check the 2010 original from David Michôd. It’s amazing!




One the strongest pilot episodes I have seen in quite some time. Quarry tells the story of an ex-marine who committed war crimes when he was in Vietnam. When he arrives home from the war he s not treated a hero, but a monster for massacring innocent Vietnamese.

The thing immediately stands out in Quarry is the lead performance from Logan Marshall-Green as Mac Conway. I am so glad that this guy has the lead role in this show because what he brings to the table is scary AF!

He is plagued by reoccurring nightmares and flashbacks of the horror he committed in Vietnam. Not only that but his life is torn to shreds and he is hated by everyone. Mac then gets caught up in the dark underworld of contract killing and things quickly spiral out of control.

Mac Conway is like a ticking time bomb. You are expecting him to explode but up until now, he is doing a good job at controlling himself. We know from episode 1 that he ain’t going to be able to hold it back forever. He will crack, and when he does it is gonna make for some awesome viewing.

The first season will consist of 8 episodes and is based on a series of novels by Max Allan Collins


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