3 Great British Crime TV Shows Currently Streaming On Netflix U.K/Ireland

In the past year, Netflix has had an increase of great British crime drama. Great shows like Happy Valley (currently shooting second season) and the harrowing but beautiful Southcliffe have set the standards high.

I thought I would give these 3 shows a mention as I really enjoyed them and they make for some really good binge-watching.

Currently streaming on Netflix U.K/Ireland. I hope you enjoy.


Line Of Duty

Line Of Duty stars Martin Compston (Wee Man) as DS Steve Arnott who is transferred to the anti-corruption unit when an anti-terrorism plot goes horribly wrong and an innocent man end up dying.

In his new job, he set’s his sights on DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James). A cop who seems to be rising up in the ranks. Arnott believes that he has tampered with the cases to help him with promotion.

Arnott becomes obsessed with catching Gates and will stop at nothing until he is arrested and thrown off the force. As the plot thickens, Arnott starts to see that things aren’t as straight forward as he once thought they were, and starts to get dragged into something much larger than he could ever of imagined.

Season 2 features some new cast, and some from season 1. It has a brand new story that is just as good, and intelligent as the first season. Just like season one, season 2 offers some clever twists and turns and will leave you guessing right up to the rolling credits.

I am hoping that we see more of Line Of Duty. It seems that they could have more material for a third season.



A 4-part heartbreaking mini-series that follows the lives of four random people that cross paths and meet randomly throughout the series

In a way, Run tells the story of everyday. It’s about the struggles that happen around us each day that mostly go unnoticed.

The four part series features a heroine addict who is trying his hardest to recover and do things right, a struggling single mother who is pushed to breaking-point with her disruptive teenage sons, a polish girl caught up in the wrong situation and an illegal Chinese migrant give us the fuel for the story in Run 

A fantastic cast with powerful performances from Lennie James (The Walking Dead), Olivia Colman Olivia Colman (Tyrannosaur, Peep Show),Katie Leung (Harry Potter) and Katharina Schuttler (The Promise).


The Fear

Peter Mullan gives another great performance as Richie Beckett, a gangster turned entrepreneur who get’s dragged back into the crime world when one of his sons get’s him involved with some really nasty Albanian sex traffickers.

Richie has two sons, Cal (awesome performance from Joe Nicholls, who played schizophrenic Joe in British soap opera Eastenders many years ago). Cal is a crack-head and thinks his dad is the most bad-ass gangster to have walked the earth. It is his stupidity and his loud-mouth that causes the events in the series to unfold.

His other son is Matty (played by Harry Lloyd, another great performance). He is the more sensible of the two sons and seems to have inherited his father’s business like attitude.

When a dismembered prostitute is found at Cal’s apartment they have to involve their father and tell him about the Albanians.

Ritchie has no choice but to enter the world of crime once again and claim back his turf. But Ritchie has been having blackouts and an unforeseen medical condition leaves him not only battling the Albanians but also trying to battle with his own sanity.

Make sure to check back soon for more news, reviews, interviews and TV and movie lists. As always, thanks for reading.

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