Fans of the Evil Dead series have finally got what they have craved for decades – Ash is back, only now, we get treated to seeing our anti-hero chop-up Deadites on a weekly basis. it’s everything…and more that an Evil Dead fan could possibly want.

The chin himself, Bruce Campbell recently took to Reddit for an AMA, and as you probably can imagine, it was groovy as hell… here is the questions and answers copied and pasted like a true champion for your reading pleasure.

I’m Bruce Campbell. I’m back. Ask Me Anything.

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Ok Reddit, Bruce Campbell here. Settle down.

You wanted Ash back, now you’ve got him. Now, be nice cause a little birdy told me you demanded this, so I was kind enough to answer the call of the wild.

Plus, let’s be real: I could have been taking a nap right now. But instead I decided to take on your lame, repetitive questions again.

I’ll be checking in and replying from 12:30-1:30 EST. So, ask me anything.

Just please, try and make it original this time.


What would be the first thing you did if you actually had a chainsaw for a hand?

The first thing I would do? Cut a cord of wood ’cause winter’s comin’.

Second thing? I’d hire myself out as just, like, a tree trimmer kinda guy. You know – hang with one hand, cut with the other. I’d be pretty good at that eventually…


Bruce, first I want to thank you for keeping the B movie alive. Your work in movies like My Name is Bruce and Bubba Ho Tep is amazing, not to mention The Evil Dead series (the second one is one of my favourite movies of all time). Ash vs the Evil Dead has already GREATLY exceeded my expectations. Everything you do is gold.

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My question to you is… I didn’t think that far ahead, shit. Uhhh… Did you grow up watching those classic B movies such as The Taming of the ShrewThe Killer Shrews? If so, which was your favourite?


I did not watch B-movies as a kid. I did not watch horror movies as a kid. I did not read horror comics as a kid. I read a comic called Sad Sack which was about a loser, a private in the army, who was mostly peeling potatoes.

Sam Raimi, however, actually read Spider-Man. Those comics, to me, I couldn’t relate to them because I couldn’t really relate to a superhero; which is why I’m hoping people will relate to the character Ash. He has no superpowers. He is not a CIA, FBI, Navy Seal…He’s You!

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I… I’m Ash Williams?

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No bud he I said I was Ash. But if you are nice ill let you be me for a bit


Hey Bruce! I’ve grown up watching you on film and television, I have always wondered which was more fun to make? Movies or television?

Excellent question. For me, TV’s a little more fun. Movies can tell a bigger, better, richer story, but television moves at the pace I want it to move.

There’s no crappin’ around on television. You show up, say your lines, have your lunch – get outta there. Features can be excruciatingly, painfully slow.


does playing Ash now feel any different from when you first started playing him?

Yes, Ash feels very different now, because now I know how to act. The very first Ash, I couldn’t act my way out of a wet paper bag, so I’m actually very glad to go back and fix Ash now like George Lucas fixed his movies.

I’m going to do the same thing. I’m going to go back there and we’re going to create an Ash that can speak in full sentences now, so I’m looking forward to that.

How much fun was it playing Reagan in Fargo?

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Playing Reagan in Fargo was great. My buddy, John Cameron, who produces the show – we’re high school buddies. We go all the way back and my kids grew up in the Reagan era during my formative years, so John and I would imitate him mercilessly because he was a very “imitatible” president. His mannerisms, the way he spoke and everything – and you know, look, every actor wants to do a couple of things in life. Like, I’ve played Elvis. Now I’ve done Ronald Reagan. I’ve played a cowboy.

What ever happened to the damned Oldsmobile?

Well that damned Oldsmobile is still in Ash vs. Evil Dead. The actual, actual, actual, real Oldsmobile – we put it on a boat and we shipped it to New Zealand, where we filmed. That is Sam’s personal car that I rode in when I was in high school. And I know he’s got them all numbered. He has four of them, but there’s only one that’s the original.

Any chance of a Bubba Hotep 2? That movie was awesome!

The script for Bubba Ho-tep was a very unique script and the reason there has not been a sequel is because we have not been able to come up with a script that is as good as the first one. And I know now after having some experience that your script is like your blueprint for your building and if your blueprint is pointed in a funny direction, that’s the way your building is gonna go.

So if you have a script that is subpar, it’s gonna be a subpar movie and none of us wanted to do that with Bubba because a lot of people really dig it. So, at the end of the day, too, it’s also okay to not make a sequel.

We’ve all gone a little sequel-crazy, a little remake-crazy, myself included. It’s okay for original ideas to get made and made once. That’s what they used to do. It’s gotten a little chronic now.

I enjoyed the humor in your books. Have plans for another, sir?


I do have plans to a sequel for If Chins Could Kill because it’s been 15 years now since the first book came out, so there’s a lot more ridiculous stories to go with it.

Both books, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor and my second novel, Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way, are out as e-books now. So, if you’re tired of looking at old, black and white photographs, get your e-0book. There’s lovely new color images for you to see.


Well, folks that’s it ! Some great questions asked by the fine folk of Reddit, and some great answers from Bruce himself.

Thanks for reading….you can read the AMA in its entirety if you CLICK HERE 

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