When the True Detective finale aired, every single viewer wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Russ and Marty. I knew during pre-production that they would only be there for one season, and that each season would be a completely different story and cast. And the same as everyone else, I wanted to see more of them.

Not only did the thought of season two frighten me, but I just couldn’t see anyone topping Harrelson & Mcconaughey’s performance. And Fukunaga’s eerily, beautiful direction. True Detective was so perfect in so many ways.

So, it’s been on everyone’s mind, who is going to be starring in TD2??. And at last, I can tell you all with ease that the first cast member confirmed is irish actor Collin Farrel.

Mr Farrell has released some great films in the past, but I’m sorry, he has released some absolute bollocks as well. He seems to rock the screen and shine the most when he is doing independent features, like Intermission,Seven psychopaths etc etc.. The movies with the bigger budget all seem to have a shallow and hollow script. I can never fault his acting, and I honestly believe that he goes into a film thinking it’s going to be great (ok,some for the cash as well), but he’s only the actor. He has no idea how the finished movie will look.

As soon as the rumours surfaced about Farrell, i felt comfortable with the idea of him playing one of the leads. This time I have no doubt in my mind that we will see the finest performance to-date from Farrell.

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I think he is a fantastic actor and I’m looking forward to seeing what he is gonna bring to the table in TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 2. Here’s hoping that the casting for the remaining 2 detectives is just as strong.

Other actors rumoured to star are
Gerard Butler
Brad Pitt
Vince Vaughan
Rachel McAdams
Elizabeth Moss

Stay tuned for more updates.


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    1. Yup!! Collin Farrell, Vince Vaugh, Elizabeth Moss (I’m hoping but I’m 80% sure it gonna be her). This time it will be set in California and based in human trafficking . Same writer as the first season also, so no doubt it will be brill. Thanks for reading 😉

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