I know of some people that will be delighted with the news that we’ve got spin-off series to AMC’s The Walking Dead, and I also know of  people that will find the news almost unbearable, 

Like it or not we have a new show, and why the hell not?The world The Walking dead is set in is open to endless possibilities. Right now, The Walking Dead, only focuses on a small group of survivors –  out there somewhere, there is more people like Rick, and there is more people like The Governor, or who knows?, we could meet even crazier cats!

Fear The Walking Dead will also be set in Los Angeles, and Kirkman,& Co are taking us right back to the beginning of the outbreak, with new characters and stories.

one thing is for sure, I am looking forward to more zombie action. I think there is room for, new heroes, new cowards, new villains, much more walkers…..and a lot LESS talking.

First clip from the set of Fear The Walking Dead has just surfaced …go ahead and have a look..it won’t bite


New promo has just surfaced online…have a look, it is only 30 seconds, but we get to see one of the new characters!

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