When Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg first announced that amc had given them the green light to make a pilot episode of much loved graphic novel, Preacher they were met with a lot of mixed feelings from the fans of the series

I am all for the show, I am going into it with a fresh set of eyes and ears. I am not familiar with the graphic novel. I am intrigued with Preacher because of how big of a fan both Rogen and Goldberg are of the series. I have faith that these guys are trying to make the best possible series, for fans of the series. I am sure they know what they’re doing, so people passing judgement before release, seems a little bit daft..

I have read a few comments on various articles that there is no way that amc will be able to air a lot of the content that is in the original Gareth Ennis graphic novel. I don’t know if those people have been smoking crack or not, have you seen some of the content that amc have aired??? they have had some pretty outrageous gore and have been drawing in record breaking numbers becuase of this. It only seems right that they should try and take it to a whole new level.

Here is the on-set image that Rogen posted on his Twitter account



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