UPDATED: Game Of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer Has Arrived – You’re Welcome!

The official trailer for the 8th and final season of Game Of Thrones has just dropped.

It feels like we have been waiting several lifetimes for the return of HBO’s Game Of Thrones. When season 7 ended, it was uncertain when the show would return for its final season. Now, not only do we know the release details Game Of Thrones Season 8, but we also have the first trailer to share with you.

The final season of HBO’S Game Of Thrones will consist of only 6 episodes. I initially thought that the final season would have 8 episodes?. Now I am reading that there’s only going to be six, that’s a bit of a blow to the soul. I do hope everyone knows at this stage that each episode of Game Of Thrones season 8 will be a feature-length episode. Yup, even though we have fewer episodes, each episode of Game Of Thrones season 8 will be the length of a movie.

The Beginning Of The End

Game Of Thrones Season 8 will premiere in April 2019. I am sure fans already know, but when Game Of Thrones finally airs its last episode, we won’t have long to wait for spinoffs. Nothing has been confirmed yet on which characters will get their own series but it is reported that there are multiple spinoffs in the works. Who would you like to see get their own tv show?.


More updates to follow as the news is announced. As always, thanks for reading.

Words by Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker

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