It’s really good to see something as dark, powerful and well written to come out of Northern Ireland. I was absolutely glued to the screen. I watched the complete first season which was 5 hours in total without as much as moving, and with the same genius writer who also gave us “cracker” and also “prime suspect”, you would expect nothing less.
The story of a serial killer prowling the streets of Belfast, killing young woman, and the cop who is brought over to catch him (Gillian Anderson). I couldn’t recommend this enough. The writing and directing are top notch, the acting is really good and the serial killer is brilliant.
It plays out different than most other serial killer shows, you know exactly who the killer is, and what his next moves will be, and the killer has just as much time onscreen than the star of the show “Gillian Anderson”.
Being from Northern Ireland myself, it’s refreshing to see something that isn’t about the troubles, although it does have a few scenes and some references, but that only adds to the realism of the programme. They do a great job at keeping the sectarianism to a minimum.
A really well acted, original, and brilliantly written piece of tv.

I want more !!!




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