It has just been announced that an Australian mini-series has started shooting in Melbourne. The 6-part series (each episode an hour long) Will be called Glitch and it seems to something in the style of Les Revenants aka The returned. I could be completely wrong though, but one thing is for sho, this is something we’re gonna love.

The show was created by Tony Ayres (The Slap) and was developed Ayres and Louise Fox (Broadchurch)

The story will take place in a fictional town called Yoorana – here’s the low-down

“Yoorana becomes the gothic rural backdrop to a tale of love and redemption, of second chances gained and lost, of vengeance and forgiveness. As the “Risen” discover who they are and why they have returned, those around them are also faced with a perplexing new reality, challenging all the beliefs and ideals they held dear.”

This is gonna be fantastic, the team behind this have written some superior television. They have also said “this is not a vampire or zombie show,” so I’m really excited to see what we’re gonna get.

More to follow as it’s announced.

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