arnie-tweetArnold Schwarzenegger has started shooting new zombie film “Maggie” which co-stars Abigail Breslin from “zombieland”. The story of a father trying to come to terms with his daughters infection as he  slowly watches her transform into a zombie.

The story seems to be very walking dead style. I havent read anywhere that he’s racing against the clock trying to find a cure before his daughter turns. The premise sounds interesting as we’ve never had a father/daughter type zombie film. i’d like to think of it as, what if Carl got bitten in walking dead. how would rick react? we all know that once you get bitten then you’re gonna turn so its time to start saying your tearful goodbyes and either let them take care of themselves or be the person to put a bullet in their head.

Paddy Considine was rumoured to play the father but was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chloe Mortez was supposed to play the daughter but was then replaced by Abigail Breslin. the script has been around for a couple of years now and was apparently one of the most sought after scripts in years and now is finally getting brought to the big screen at an estimated budget of around $10m.

The director is a guy  called Henry Hobson who has worked lots of big films but mainly as part of the crew or as lead creditor. he has also done a few episodes of walking dead (main title design director) and has a sci-fi feature in the works called the caves of steel.

This film will play out more like a drama than anything else. Its almost certain we’re gonna see big Arnie tearsome zombies apart with his bare hands and possibly use some huge weapons in the process but overall it will be a drama and will focus on the relationship with the father and daughter and what’s gonna happen when the time arrives

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