10 of the Best Australian Horror Movies

I am back with another new list of Australian horror movies. Recently, we have had a huge surge in traffic from Australia, so it’s only fair that we continue to feed that monster!

Okay, so maybe not all of these are extreme but a good majority of them are. I can safely say though that every single Australian Horror movie on this list needs to be checked out.

For those of you who want pure extreme Australian horror featuring movies like Wolf Creek and The Loved Ones – check this link!


Body Melt was released in 1993 and has been widely compared to the grotesque nature of Peter Jackson’s gore-fest Braindead. Not that Body Melt is similar in any way to the story of Peter Jackson’s classic but it is most definitely matched in terms of gruesomeness.

A small town unknowingly becomes the test subjects of a new drug that causes extreme body decomposition and excruciating pain.


Patrick is another classic OG Australian horror made on a shoestring budget but has maximum effect. The story of a comatose boy in a hospital who has telekinetic powers that influence people into committing murder.


Picnic At Hanging Rock is one of the most famous horror films from the 70s. This one oozes eeriness and tension. Based on a true story, the film follows a teacher and three students who disappeared without a trace while visiting the Australian outback.

The sense of dread that director Peter Weir achieved remains unmatched all these years later. This is true outback horror. A remake was also released in 2018 but I haven’t checked it out yet. If it was anything like the remake of Wake In Fright, I think I would leave it alone. 


I have one of my followers to thank for putting Daddy’s Little Girl back on my radar. Sometimes, I miss some movies but I can always count on my loyal followers to make sure that they are out right back in my sights.

Daddy’s Little Girl is a brutal AF revenge movie that may be a bit too much for those not into extreme and graphic content. The story of a father called Derek who is mourning the loss and brutal murder of his daughter. Unhappy with the progression the authorities are making, Derek finds a diary that documents his daughter’s killing as well as the death of other kids. With a burning vengeance and raw, justifiable hatred, Derek sets out to make them and pay for the death of his daughters and the other kids he has slain.

A very similar bleak and gruelling experience to the French/Canadian masterpiece 7 Days 


Ok, so Van Diemen’s Land may not be officially classed as horror but I can honestly tell that it sure is horrific. Based on a true story we follow Alexander Pearce as he escapes from prison along with a group. of convicts. With no supplies, they are faced with the biggest threat they will ever know: the Australian outback


One of the OG’s of killer pig horror. A giant boar terrorises a group of unfortunates in the Australian outback. For a film that was released in 1984, Razorback exceeds in so many ways. The premise may sound like any other cheesy creature feature but this is so much more.


Undead is a criminally unknown and inventive zombie comedy from Australia and a beautiful mish-mash of Lovecraftian cosmic horror blended in with some undead zombie madness.

A small fishing village called Berkley becomes plagued by ravenous zombies after meteorites fall from the sky releasing a toxin and turning those infected into the UNDEAD.

Not only is this a great entry into the zombie genre but Undead was also a prime example of independent guerrilla-style filmmaking done right. The film was almost entirely funded by the directors (who are brothers) and their family and friends. Most of the special fx was also rendered by the brothers which caused a lengthy time in post-production.

I haven’t checked this one out in nearly 20 years. I think it is time that I changed that and added it to my watchlist!


Long Weekend is another fantastic 70s outback shocker that is considered one of the best in Ozploitation horror. A couple go camping and realise that Mother Nature has had enough and now she wants to fight back.

Another awesome script from Everett De Roche who also wrote Razorback and Patrick. Two movies are featured above.


Killing Ground was part of 2017’s Official Sundance Selection so you already know that this one is worth the watch. A group of campers are terrorised by a group of hillbilly hunters that make their lives a living nightmare.

A similar plot to Eden Lake but only with added outback craziness. The Australian outback has proved itself to be one the greatest villains in Australian horror.

Another graphic and gruelling experience. Killing Ground is a must-watch for fans of Eden Lake and Wolf Creek.


Hounds Of Love is one of those movies that packs a devastating punch. A film you won’t get out of your head for a long time after viewing. 

One of the most disturbing kidnapping stories I have ever laid my eyes and ears on. It tells the story of two kidnappers and a young teenage girl that they are holding captive in their suburban home. As for graphic content, there ain’t much and that is somewhat of a relief. This is a very dark and disturbing look into the life of two monsters.

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