The Trailer Has arrived For HALLOWEEN

It has been the talk of the internet for the past week. Now we can finally share with you the official trailer for Blumhouse’s HALLOWEEN reboot.

I may be jumping the gun a little bit here. This article is being written before the Halloween trailer drops. But trust me, I actually don’t need to see it as I know exactly what happens. I have read a lot of articles from the lucky folk who managed to get a sneak preview of the upcoming trailer. Everyone who has seen it has have nothing but good feedback so I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

I know this is going to be all around the internet today so I’m trying to get it out as soon as possible. That, and I’ve two gigs today, so I’m trying to get this written up before I hit the road.

There has been mixed feelings with this reboot – as there always is with any remake. I’m just glad we’re getting the opportunity to see a slasher movie get a big theatrical release. I believe even if you’re not rooting for this movie, it’s still important to show your support in a cinematic world drowning in Star Wars and superhero movies.

Not much a plot available apart from “Laurie Strode prepares for a final showdown with masked killer Michael Myers”. It’s great to see Jamie Lee Curtis back to reprise her role as Michael’s sister…and she’s been preparing for him to return.

The new Hallowen film is also scored by John Carpenter who directed and composed the OST for the original 1978 horror classic.

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Halloween is due for release on the 19th of October. I’m not sure if this is a worldwide theatrical release as it only states a release date in the USA. As soon as I know any more information, I’ll update the article.

Enjoy The Trailer

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