Back in 2013 there was a competition called Shortcuts To Hell which was run by C4’s Frightfest. The filmmakers had to submit a short horror film that couldn’t be any more than 3.00 minutes long, and have no more than 6 lines of dialogue – 6 cast and crew, and cost no more than £666 to make. If that weren’t enough – they had to choose from limited list of tittles to name their short.

The team behind were as follows..

Paddy Jenkins: Lead Actor
Written by: Paul Skillen and Aaron Gray
Filmed/Edited/Directed by: John Carlin
Produced by: Marie McDonald
Music: James Everett
SFX: Kevin Gillen.

The short horror was called 6 Feet Under and was short-listed for the final. It ended up on the final cut for the DVD. For you that ain’t seen it, I can’t really give away any plot, as it’s got a run-time of 3.00 mins, but you can watch the full-short below.

Now director, John Carlin, is teaming up with writers, Paul Skillen & Aaron Gray – along with producer Marie McDonald once again for a new ambitious sci-fi short –  The Way Back.  The team worked hard and secured funding from NI Screen and shooting has just finished.

I am so glad to see this team movie on to bigger and better things – this is a project that I have been very excited about for quite some time.

It is beyond awesome that these guys have got such a strong cast on-board – I am really looking forward to seeing what mind-boggling sci-fi they have in store for us.


This film is going tol make some serious waves when it’s released, you heard it here first, folks! The Way Back is going to open up doors to bigger and better projects so they can keep going from strength-to-strength …. this is only the beginning!.

The Way Back will star Daisy Haggard (Episodes, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, I Give It A Year), Liam McMahon (Hunger, Snatch), Diona Doherty (Braxton, 27 Memory Lane), Lacy Moore, ( Halo: Nightfall, Skunky Dog, Jamaica,).

Official Plot

The inexplicable disappearance of her younger sister shattered Faye’s childhood, and haunts her as a woman. Not even she can know how it still shapes her life. When faced with the possibility of answers, she finds she is prepared to do anything to find out what happened.


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