I have followed High Rise since its early days of pre-production. I don’t know of a single film fan who isn’t enjoying Wheatley’s work. He has continuously proved that he is a man of all genre’s and has give us awesome features such as, Kill List, Sightseers, A Field In England,and the hugely underrated council estate gangster movie Down Terrace.

 Wheatley’s latest, High Rise is based on a novel by J.G Ballard and stars Tom Hiddleston. The story takes place in a large luxury apartment building where only the privileged and powerful can afford to live. The tenants of the building then become under attack from a gang of mad men forcing them to fight back.

My number one movie associate @movieblort managed to catch the film at a recent festival in London. You can read his spoiler free review right here >>> Movieblort Review.. I hope you enjoy.

As for the trailer itself, it’s a good trailer in the sense that it doesn’t give away too much, in fact it doesn’t give away anything at all, and that to me is a proper trailer.

I am looking forward to it

Enjoy the trailer 

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