James Wan Would Love To Direct An R-Rated BATMAN Horror Movie

DC IMAGE James Wan Wants To Do Batman Horror Movie

Box-Office Horror Maestro And Upcoming Aquaman Director James Wan Has Said He Would Love To Direct A Batman Horror Movie!

It looks like James Wan is a big fan of Batman and he would love to direct a Batman horror movie. The director is set to dominate the box-office with his upcoming DC movie Aquaman. The new DC film will star Jason Momoa as the shark-riding-gill-man-thing.

He is no stranger to big-budgeted Hollywood cinema as he has already tackled one of the Fast & The Furious movies. Aquaman will be his first stab at tackling the superhero genre, and he’s hoping that it won’t be his last.

Wan recently said in an interview with  Heroic Hollywood that he would love to direct a Batman horror movie.

That would be a potential fantasy of mine, but I feel like he’s been done quite a fair bit. But, I do love the idea of doing an outright scary Batman. I feel like that’d be really cool.”

Personally, Batman movies have always seemed darker to me than Marvel movies. I am not a huge fan of the superhero genre, but I do look forward to a new Batman movie.

Now with this whole new DC Universe thing, I think quantity will soon out-do quality. Soon we will have about 5 or 6 DC releases each year and each movie will no doubt lead to another.

Wan first arrived on the scene with the remarkable SAW back in 2004. Since then,  Saw has spawned about 6-million sequels.

Wan then went on with his filmmaking buddy Leigh Whanell (Co-writer of Saw. Also plays lead character Adam) to make another two fucking huuuuge horror franchises…The Conjuring and Insidious. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of either The Conjuring or Insidious. To me, the scares and plot are shallow and predictable. I will still watch them though and still hope that the hype is real, but Wan has yet to leave a mark on me (apart from Death Sentence) as he did with SAW.

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Would I watch a Batman horror movie directed by him?.

I’d hope he would go really dark. Batman movies have been a 15-cert but never an 18 cert (R-rated). I would think Wan would too easily go for the box-office takings rather than trying to make a fucked-up Batman movie only for adults.

Who knows, I would certainly be interested in seeing what he had to offer. Would you?

As always, thanks for reading.

Words By Gary Gamble

Founder/Owner/BigCheese @ Moviehooker
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