When I sold movies and TV shows for a living, Braquo was one of my first choices when people came looking to be hooked up with some fine-crime-television.

Europe has just been dishing out dark and gritty crime dramas for years now. It’s not long after we get to see a carbon-copy of the show. American or British versions of shows like , The Killing and, The Bridge transferred great for an audience that can’t be arsed to read subtitles. In fairness, they had some great writers and actors to pull it off…but make no mistake, European crime television has dominated the crime Tv genre for nearly a decade now.

I know from selling films and TV shows my whole life that it did give the European versions a huge boost in sales and popularity. When people started realising that these were all remakes, then most of them would seek out the original version of the show. So, maybe these remakes put the original shows on the map.

Braquo, proves the point even further that European crime dramas are the best in the industry. It’s dark, violent, tense, and unpredictable. The show has been compared to the likes of The Wire, and I know these are BIG WORDS, but I enjoyed more than The Wire.

As far as I know there is no remake of Braquo yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one in the works. I think it could be good if it got the same treatment as The Killing, and The Bridge

Now that it is on Netflix you have no excuse not to watch it…be prepared to get hooked.

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The protagonists are four police agents in the Hauts-de-seine area of paris: Eddy Caplan, Walter Morlighem , Théo Vachewski and Roxanne Delgado . Their colleague is wrongly accused of criminal misconduct, and commits suicide. His guilt is then presumed, disrupting the lives of the other four. The four then decide to “cross the gray line”: do whatever is necessary, even breaking the law, to clear Max’s name. In crossing the grey line, however, they fall under the close scrutiny of Vogel, of the police internal affairs bureau, a sworn enemy to Caplan.

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