wolfcop2Sometimes (not often) we get that very rare occasion when we actually find something on Netflix that we want to watch. More times than enough, I’d say, ‘I must watch a film now before i go to bed’. I sometimes even find myself falling asleep on the couch, and when I look at the time, it turns out that I have been browsing the Netflix library for about 3 hrs straight.

Thankfully, last night I got hooked up within the first couple of minutes. As I said before, it’s a thing of beauty, it doesn’t happen very often, without hours of searching, I was sitting down to watch Wolfcop. I went and said to the Mrs ‘hey,guess what?,Wolfcop’s on Netflix!!’. She politely told me to ‘fuck off’….that was her loss!

This seems to be a werewolf movie made by lovers of the werewolf sub-genre. Yes, it’s quite low-budget, but at the same time it’s very ambitious and is a serious amount of fun. The only thing I wish I had of done before watching it was inviting a load of friends around for a few smokes and some beers.

Some scenes will remind you of some of our favorite parts in werewolf movie history – like the transformation from American Werewolf In London, or that saucy werewolf sex-scene in The Howling, only this time, this is just to make you laugh, and they succeeded.

wolfcop 4



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