Moviehooker’s Netflix Pick Of The Week – WOLFCOP

wolfcop2Sometimes (not often) we get that very rare occasion when we actually find something on Netflix that we want to watch. More times than enough, I’d say, ‘I must watch a film now before i go to bed’. I sometimes even find myself falling asleep on the couch, and when I look at the time, it turns out that I have been browsing the Netflix library for about 3 hrs straight.

Thankfully, last night I got hooked up within the first couple of minutes. As I said before, it’s a thing of beauty, it doesn’t happen very often, without hours of searching, I was sitting down to watch Wolfcop. I went and said to the Mrs ‘hey,guess what?,Wolfcop’s on Netflix!!’. She politely told me to ‘fuck off’….that was her loss!

This seems to be a werewolf movie made by lovers of the werewolf sub-genre. Yes, it’s quite low-budget, but at the same time it’s very ambitious and is a serious amount of fun. The only thing I wish I had of done before watching it was inviting a load of friends around for a few smokes and some beers.

Some scenes will remind you of some of our favorite parts in werewolf movie history – like the transformation from American Werewolf In London, or that saucy werewolf sex-scene in The Howling, only this time, this is just to make you laugh, and they succeeded.

wolfcop 4



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